Plot: Clara (Leticia Dolera) has just gotten married and this should be the best day of her life, but instead, she is thrust into a battle for survival, as infected people have turned ravenous and unleashed a torrent of violence at her reception. She and her new husband Koldo (Diego Martin) wanted a day they would never forget, but as bodies pile up and blood soaks the landscape, all they want to do is make it through alive and put this all behind them. The more violence the infected guests uncork, the more the infection spreads and soon, the entire area is overrun with infected and of course, survival is no simple task. Can Clara and Koldo find the happy ending they wanted all along or will this be their one and only day of wedded bliss?

Entertainment Value: Rec 3 begins like the previous two movies, with handheld camera footage, but soon takes some turns that veer off the established formula. A thread or two connects this with the first two pictures, but we’re out of the quarantined firehouse and at a certain point, Rec 3 switches from found footage to traditional cinematic methods, which marks a real shift in approach. At the same time, some core elements remain intact and the focus is on infected hunting down survivors, so this still feels like Rec, despite the changes. I don’t think the movie works as well, as the fast paced, intense atmosphere is slowed down, so perhaps the handheld footage was more effective in that respect. This feels more like a Rec narrative handled in the generic horror style, so it kind of comes off like a typical zombie at times. But there is some dark humor and over the top moments that help salvage the experience, thanks in most part to one of the leads, Leticia Dolera. She unhinges as the movie progresses, turning in a fun, outlandish performance. Her scenes with the chainsaw alone make Rec 3 worth a look, she is just immense fun as the blood soaked bride. While this movie isn’t as well crafted as the previous two Rec movies, it does offer a fresh take on the formula and fans of the series should find enough to like here.

No nakedness, but there is a bad ass scene where Clara trims her wedding dress with a chainsaw, so there’s that. There is ample bloodshed however, including some wild violence once she puts that chainsaw to violent ends, carving up infected like there’s no tomorrow. She serves up a chainsaw facial, slices clean through an infected’s guts, decapitates someone with the blade, and flat out saws an infected in half with a vertical slice. The chainsaw rampage is impressive and the film’s crescendo, but there is more blood and gore on showcase as well. A mixer makes a mess of someone’s face, knife wounds are unleashed, some serious jaw dropping unfolds, and we have some bite attacks that offer splashy crimson bursts. As with the other Rec movies, there’s not a lot of dialogue and while the tone is more outlandish this time around, there aren’t many wild or memorable lines. A few corkers are let loose, but not enough to push the score up much. In terms of overall craziness, most of Rec 3’s score is earned by Clara, who goes off the deep end and performs in the glorious chainsaw ballet. She puts up a good effort, but otherwise, things don’t get too out of control.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 7/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

The Disc: Released on Blu-ray as part of Scream Factory’s Rec Collection, the movie looks razor sharp and vividly detailed, as you’d expect from such a recent movie. The opening scenes have the raw, less refined look, but once the movie shifts into traditional cinematic techniques, the image is crystal clear and looks simply fantastic, just a great looking presentation. On the extras front, we have some deleted scenes, outtakes, and the film’s trailer.

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