Plot: After one hijink too many at Beaver High, some of the school’s horniest, most colorful students have been pawned off at Coxwell Academy, with the hope they can be reformed into upstanding citizens. But as soon as the new students arrive, they concoct a plan to pose as doctors and offer free breast exams, so while it might be a new school, the boys are the same horndogs as ever. Coxwell’s head master Mr. Arsenault (Mike MacDonald) has no intentions of letting the hormone crazed teens take over his fine institution however, so he keeps close watch over his latest pupils. Meanwhile, the Beaver High boys are up to no good again, this time creating a game that awards points for scoring with various girls at the school and no one is worth more points than the French teacher, Miss Mona Lott (Cynthia Belliveau). But with Arsenault and his minion Hilda Von Blow (Deborah Lobbin) on the prowl to break up the fun, can the boys pull off their usual level of sexual adventures?

Entertainment Value: I’ve read some reviews on this movie that claim there was no need for a Screwballs sequel, but that is asinine to me, as you can never have enough bad jokes and bare breasts. I don’t know what else you could want from Screwballs II and it brings back a lot of what made the original so much fun, then dials up the madness a few notches. I do think the humor was more consistent in the first movie, but there’s a lot of laughs here and while the tone is much more ridiculous, I think it works since the movie never takes itself seriously in the least. So no, Screwballs II isn’t focused on narrative depth or character development, but I can’t imagine anyone checks out this movie for those reasons. The cast overall is fine and does what you’d expect, but I do wish our cock blocking villains were more fun, as Arsenault and Hilda have potential that isn’t exploited. More wild banter or ludicrous set pieces would have worked wonders here, as the dynamic between the authorities and the Beaver High crew isn’t pushed much. But I think Screwballs II delivers what most viewers will want, which is copious nakedness and bad, but still hilarious jokes, so the movie knows its audience and those folks should have fun here.

The nakedness here is admirable, as Screwballs II is generous with the sleaze and a parade of bare breasts is on showcase. This includes bath scenes, strip club scenes, massage scenes, and of course, unlicensed breast exam scenes, so the boobs are given a variety of backdrops to perform with. This isn’t a topless moment now and then either, but a consistent, frequent celebration of these beautiful jugs. You can also see some bare asses and even some brief full frontal nudity, so this movie gives its fan what they likely showed up to see. No blood. There is some slapstick, physical comedy like pratfalls and such, but no real violence. Screwballs II is a lover, not a fighter, so the lack of red stuff is never an issue. The dialogue is right in line with the original, as bad jokes and sexual innuendo are the focus, but as I said before, the tone is more screwball this time around, so the vibe a little different. The more ridiculous approach is going to work for some, especially those who love cringe level humor, but it might be too zany and over the top for some sleaze connoisseurs. I will say the cast drops the ball at times and doesn’t punch home the humor, but there’s still some fun lines here. The overall craziness leans more toward zaniness than insanity, but the tone is silly and plenty of wackiness abounds, so a few points are in order.

Nudity: 7/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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