Plot: After the mysterious outbreak, the entire building was quarantined, but answers still need to be uncovered as to what happened and more to the point, how similar situations can be avoided. While the quarantine is still active, Dr. Owen (Jonathan D. Mellor) enters the structure with three armed guards, with plans to extract blood samples and begin work on an antidote. Once inside, the zombie like creatures swarm and attack the group, but Dr. Owen is able to use a crucifix to ward one of the creatures off. He then reveals that he is inside the quarantine under orders from the Vatican, as the infection isn’t a viral one, but a demonic force at work. As he makes his way toward patient zero, another group of people try to get inside the quarantine, all while the creatures rampage inside. Can anyone survive this horrific epidemic and will the quarantine be able to contain the evil within?

Entertainment Value: This sequel picks up just minutes after the first movie came to a close, which means Rec 2 doesn’t need the slow burn start and kicks right into high gear, for a more kinetic, fast paced experience. There’s less emphasis on narrative, but the first movie shoulders that burden and that frees up this sequel to push forward the horror elements above all else. The movie uses a found footage approach like the original Rec, but the visuals are more polished and don’t have the same kind of rough, in the moment look this time around. The slicker visuals do detract a little from the found footage style atmosphere, but not much and the lessened shaky cam use is welcome, as that cliche was well past its prime by this point. When the on screen action dictates the shakiness or drastic motion, Rec 2 follows through, but this isn’t the usual half ass found footage style cinematography, which is nice. On the downside, the movie doesn’t spend as much time on atmosphere, since the pace is much brisker and there’s more active horror, such as jump scares and extended creature presence. So this isn’t one of the demonic zombies here and there, but a more consistent horror flow and that means less atmosphere and more straight forward scares. Rec was a rock solid horror movie, but Rec 2 holds its own and takes a different, but fun approach.

One of the demon creatures is naked, but between the darkness and the makeup effects, there’s no real nakedness visible here. So unless you count an inflatable sex doll strapped with fireworks, no sleaze to be found in Rec 2. The first movie had more violence than usual for a found footage movie, but this sequel amps things even more with added blood and mayhem all around. A brutal long fall is present, a wealth of splashy gun shot wounds are present, including a point blank execution of an infected child, someone is bludgeoned with a shotgun, and other various smaller, but fun bursts of bloodshed. The highlight for me was a firework stuffed in the mouth of one of the creatures, which leads to a humorous scene with a great visual presence. The dialogue is minimal and mostly panicked moments, so while it does what it needs to do, there’s no real wild or overly memorable lines in this one. There’s not much craziness outside the usual horror ingredients, though a couple points are earned for the colorful kills, creepy final demon zombie, and a few other small, but fun moments.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

The Disc: As part of Scream Factory’s Rec Collection, Rec 2 is presented in a great looking visual treatment. The movie’s more polished visuals yield terrific detail and depth, even in the darker sequences. This is important, since some scenes are bathed in shadows or even total darkness, so we need all the intended visible detail and this presentation ensures that is the case. As for the extras, we have several behind the scenes pieces, a walk through the film’s set, some deleted scenes, a film festival press conference, and the film’s theatrical trailer.

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