Plot: Dawn Davenport (Divine) has lived an unusual life to say the least, from her innocent school days to her wild youth to her rendezvous with the electric chair. She started out life as a kind, loving young schoolgirl, but then events sent her spiraling out of control, toward a life of crime, punishment, and pain. Her school work had gone downhill, her conduct was atrocious, and when she didn’t get the cha-cha heels she wanted, it pushed her right over the edge. Soon enough, Dawn has run away from home to seek a new life of her own, but of course, that means trials and tribulations, some of which would send most young women back home in a second. She is doomed to run afoul of the law time and time again, but when she is caught and faces her punishment, will Dawn’s criminal adventures be worth the final cost?

Entertainment Value: This movie has it all, a wild narrative, colorful characters, insane dialogue, jaw dropping moments, and all the trash cinema staples you’d from John Waters and so much more. While not as high profile as some of his other work, I think this is one of Waters’ most outrageous and fun efforts, just a creative, full of surprises ride like only he can provide. The narrative is hilarious and is rooted in youth gone wild cinema, then veers into an insane jaunt into the realm of art, fashion, and expression, with unforgettable results. The finale alone is beyond description, but Female Trouble has one memorable scene after another, with little filler and very little content that doesn’t evoke some kind of reaction. The material is smart, but soaked in trashy humor that will either offend, entertain, or both, with such classics scenes as Divine playing both sides of a rape sequence. Divine is a force of nature, as usual and really runs with the outlandish material, crafting a must see performance that never relents and just powers the movie like a lightning rod. I also love Mink Stole as Taffy, in an over the top, always hilarious performance, while Edith Massey is also a source of great laughs as Divine’s arch rival. I think Female Trouble is a true masterpiece of outsider cinema, so anyone who appreciates dark, offbeat, and outlandish movies should make sure this one is in their collection.

This one has some offbeat sex scenes, which means some naked flesh and in this case, we have a few nude scenes. The mirror scene is memorable, as a woman fondles herself while gazing at her reflection with great arousal. This also includes more bare breasts, asses, and 70s bush from the ladies, and some full frontal nudity from the male side as well. So if you dislike massive mounds of pubic hair or lingering penis exposure, be forewarned. The movie has some rampant violence, but it is so over the top in tone, it plays as humor, rather than horror. So there is blood, but it is by no means graphic and again, is more for laughs. The violence includes an acid facial, hand lopped off, gun shot wounds, and general domestic abuse, as Dawn Davenport unleashes a torrent of violence on those around her. The dialogue here is a goldmine, an absolute treasure trove of wild, quotable lines that push good taste and earn huge laughs. Even casual conversations in the movie often slip into utter chaos and one outrageous line after another, driven by the fearless script and an enthusiastic cast. This is just a tidal wave of great lines or a nightmare of offensive remarks, depending on where your sense of humor lies on the spectrum. On the general craziness front, this one is pure chaos from the start and never eases up. The movie doesn’t build to the insane elements, but kicks off with wackiness and just keeps raising the stakes, so for if you’re here for the balls out lunacy, Female Trouble won’t disappoint.

Nudity: 5/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 10/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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