Plot: The Angel Beach crew is about to graduate, but before they leave high school, they want to take home a championship in basketball. While the players are ready and the other students are supportive, the coach finds himself stuck in a tough situation. Porky has re-opened his club and thanks to some bad wagers, the coach owes Porky serious cash. Now Porky wants the coach to throw the game, or face dire consequences. At the same time, a girl falls for Meat and while her body is nice, her face leaves a lot to be desired. And when it turns out to be Porky’s own daughter, he goes to insane lengths to make sure she is happy. Is this is the end of the Angel Beach crew or can they overcome all these wild shenanigans one last time?

Entertainment Value: The third and final installment in 80s comedy franchise Porky’s, Porky’s Revenge goes back to the basics and closes out the series in style, with all the elements you want from these kind of movies. Pee Wee, Meat, and the boys are back in action and Porky himself is also front and center, this time trying to oversee a shotgun wedding in the midst of all of the chaos. The narrative is basic, but weaves in all the needed elements and I appreciated a return to fun as the focus, after the second movie tried to overload social issues into the mix. The result is a wilder, more fun ride that feels more in line with the original Porky’s. The humor is broad and crass of course, but it works for the most part and is par for the course for the series, though I do think the sleaze factor has been toned down a little this time around. The cast has a number of familiar faces, with the horny teen boys looking quite ancient in this sequel, which adds some laughs, while Ballbricker is given some fresh material to work with and of course, having Porky back in the mix is comedic gold. The movie is perhaps a touch uneven, but I think this is a fun one and provides a solid finale for the wackiness of the Porky’s series. I’d recommend it to anyone who appreciates 80s comedies or sex comedies, or just can’t enough of over the top rednecks like the glorious Porky.

This franchise is known for the crude humor and naked flesh, but this sequel has less skin than you’d expect. Even so, Porky’s Revenge boasts several topless scenes and some naked asses, including the immortal act of being naked under graduation gowns, which was a must in this narrative. There’s still a plethora of sex talk and risque jokes, but the clothes tend to stay on in the sex scenes, which are played for more screwball humor than sleaze in this picture. No blood. The movie has some slapstick violence of course, but no red stuff and that makes sense, given the comedic, over the top nature of the material involved. The dialogue is about what you’d expect, outrageous and silly humor with a sexual edge involved, which means a lot of one liners, innuendo, and crude remarks. Porky is a source of constant memorable lines and boorish antics, while the horny boys provide plenty of humorous moments as well. So some quotable lines pop up and there’s a nice flow of general humor that lands well, helping the movie’s score in this department. As for craziness, the movie seems a little toned down, but still packs in some solid wackiness. The wildest scenes seem to center on Porky, as he is so over the top, but the others have their moments to shine as well.

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

The Disc: 88 Films has issued Porky’s Revenge on Blu-ray, with a sizable improvement over previous DVD editions and an image that is sharp throughout. The overall detail level is enhanced and the movie has a more refined look as a result, while colors are natural and bright. I was surprised the movie looked this solid, as I didn’t expect such an improvement over previous versions. On the extras front, we have a nearly half hour interview with star Wendy Feign, who details her experiences on the set and even talks about the audition process and her overall acting impressions. A sixteen minute piece with film critic Kim Newman is up next, as he discusses the Porky’s series and the genre in general, with an emphasis on the rental realm and some time spent on the films’ 50s setting. The disc also includes the film’s theatrical trailer. A limited edition boasts a slipcover and an insightful booklet, with liner notes from Calum Waddell, who deep dives into the sex comedy realm.

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