Plot: Aesha (Becca Hirani) has struggled to cope in the wake of her father’s death, to the point that even her studies have taken a dive. She tries to keep things on track and make her schoolwork a priority, but she is haunted by the loss and can’t seem to keep her mind focused. In an effort to help the situation, Aesha’s mother arranges a visit to a remote bed & breakfast. She hopes the isolation and lack of distractions will help Aesha buckle down with her studies and perhaps even process some of her emotions, so this vacation could be an important one. The visit starts off well enough, with Aesha able to relax and have some time for herself, but when a mysterious nun shows up the door, a strange chain of events is set into motion.

Entertainment Value: This movie was originally known as The Watcher, but had a title change to help build off The Nun’s hype, though the two movies have little in common beyond the presence of someone dressed like a nun. The Bad Nun has some horror elements involved, but is more of a suspense thriller that relies on a slow burn and strong lead performance from Becca Hirani. You can tell that resources were quite limited, as most of the movie takes place in the same single location and there’s not a lot of sizzle here, but at the same time, the movie manages to craft a decent thriller despite those limitations. The pace is on the slow side, but once the tension begins to set in, The Bad Nun has some decent atmosphere and I appreciated how it progressed, with a predictable, but solid finale. The cast is passable, but Becca Hirani is the stand out and continues to add to her resume, with another solid turn. She is the focal point of the movie, so she carries it well and has a lot of charisma, and potential to become quite the scream queen. This might not be the kind of movie that will likely dazzle genre fans, but a well made, more than competent thriller.

No nakedness. The movie does have a bath scene and some light romance, but no sleaze or sexual content to be found. The movie has some light violence, but not much blood and that isn’t an issue, since this is more thriller than slasher movie. I wouldn’t have minded more gore or some wild violence of course, but the film’s tone and approach don’t mandate a flood of crimson. The focus is more on suspense than kills, so the body count is low and blood is minimal, but again, these aren’t real concerns given the nature of the material. The dialogue is fine, but the tone is serious and the writing keeps things simple and straight ahead. The score is low, but this is because the movie doesn’t have wild, out of control, or quotable kind of lines, rather than as a reflection of a poor script, so keep that in mind here. As for craziness, The Bad Nun’s serious approach keeps this score down as well, though a few memorable moments pop up.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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