Plot: When some toxic waste is dumped into the ocean, the radioactive goop coats a sunken ship filled with human remains, which leads to not only reanimation, but hideous mutations of the undead. The bodies are brought back to life in twisted, grotesque fashion and soon enough, a handful of alien-like monsters on the loose and headed toward the shore. Meanwhile, all kinds of teens are living the good life on the beach and unaware of the dangers lurking in the waves. After the creatures land and begin to attack the partying teens, a young woman turns to her doctor father for some help to fend off the beasts. But the monsters continue to go on the assault, so can a solution be found before the entire beach crew is wiped out?

Entertainment Value: The Horror of Party Beach resides in a crowded genre, as this era was packed with low rent b movies with all kinds of monsters involved, but it manages to stand out from the pack. This is cheap, low rent cinema to be sure, but the movie knows what it is and embraces it all. I love this approach, as it puts the emphasis on fun and b movie tropes, not trying to wedge a serious narrative or pretend to be a higher class of picture. The Horror of Party Beach knows it is b movie cheese and makes the most of that, running with the limitations involved, so it doesn’t hide the cheap mutants or scale back on the beach mania. The pace is brisk and never feels drawn out, which keeps you hooked in and especially if you’re a fan of the classic beach movies, you’ll always have one trope or another to appreciate. The tone is light and comedic as well, with a strong camp vibe throughout that the script and cast help bolster, with corny lines and over the top performances. So at first blush, this might seem like just another hokey b movie, but The Horror of Party Beach makes the most of the genre tropes and proves to be quite a fun and infectious picture.

This is a wholesome, but hip beach movie and as such, we have some beauties in bikinis, but no sleaze. So take solace in the numerous bikini girls and their beach bods, as this kind of material just doesn’t roll with the nakedness. A little blood can be seen, but as you’d expect, the crimson is minimal and non graphic. But this is feel good b movie cheese, so intense violence and gore would feel out of place, so the lack of it isn’t a concern whatsoever. The movie is generous with the mutant undead however, unlike some of these kind of flicks that keep the creature hidden or only feature the monsters in a few scenes. These mutants are on full showcase and often, with goofy suits and hilarious design elements. Yes, these aquatic abominations look cheap and laughable, but they’re an absolute riot to watch in action. The dialogue is cornball and beach themed lingo, so just what you want from this kind of movie. A lot of wacky exchanges and quotable lines to be had here. On the craziness scale, we have the ridiculous mutants, the goofy dialogue, and constant b movie wackiness, so The Horror of Party Beach has some solid points on the board.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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