Plot: Pau (Albert Carbo) spends most of his time around dead bodies and as a morgue worker, he isn’t bothered by corpses and to him, it is just another day, another dead person on the slab. But when Anna Fritz (Albas Ribas) is brought in, he is shaken out of his desensitized mindset. After all, she is a famous actress and one of the most beautiful women in the world, so Pau texts his friends about the news. While the news agencies and paparazzi would love the inside scoop, Pau and his friends are soon up close and personal with her corpse. Ivan (Cristian Valencia) can’t believe his eyes, but that doesn’t stop him from pulling the sheet off, so he can see Fritz naked, a fantasy that loses little luster to him, even though she’s dead. When Ivan jokes about having sex with her corpse, the others brush it off as his usual crude manner, but soon it becomes evident that such activities aren’t unheard of at the morgue…

Entertainment Value: The trials and tribulations of necrophiliacs are explored in The Corpse of Anna Fritz, a dark and intense thriller with some eerie atmosphere and polished visuals. The narrative is about as simple as it gets, as a group of friends cross a line and things take an unexpected turn, but this is more about mood and suspense than story threads. This one proves to be efficient in all aspects, with a tight narrative, small cast, and economic pace, as the movie runs under 80 minutes and wastes no time. This kind of lean, effective chiller is a welcome change from the usual bloated, filler lined horror movies, to be sure. A kind of slow burn permeates the movie, but it never runs slow in the least and even the initial build up happens fast, so the tension is on an ever increasing gradient. I will say there’s not much depth here, but with a focus on mood and tension over narrative, that is to be expected. The Corpse of Anna Fritz is an excellent chiller, well recommended to fans of dark, intense horror and who don’t mind a little corpse love in the mix.

Albas Ribas stars as Anna Fritz and she is naked through most of the movie, so there’s frequent skin here. This includes bare breasts and full frontal, though keep in mind, she is a corpse. The narrative is driven by a chain of events that sees Anna’s corpse raped by a couple of the guys, but it isn’t graphic in nature. Even so, it is a focus of some early scenes and can be creepy, to say the least. There is some mild violence at some points, but the bloodshed isn’t graphic or overly splashy. Some red stuff is present and a couple instances do have some goopy goodness, but this is by no means a blood soaked kind of horror movie. The tense atmosphere and polished visuals more than compensate in the horror department, however. The dialogue is solid, though not memorable, but again, the verbal elements aren’t the emphasis here. Ivan has some wild, sadistic presence and creepy lines, but otherwise, just rock solid writing that does what it needs to do. On the craziness end of things, the movie opens with dead girl sex, then spirals into some dark twists. There is an unsettling, eerie vibe to the entire movie, but it really ratchets up after one crucial turn. Not a wild, out of control kind of insanity, but still has some dark and offbeat moments.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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