Plot: Jennifer (Kaitlyn Black) is pregnant and should be relaxed, but instead, she is dealing with some relationship drama. Her boyfriend Matt (Robert Parks-Valletta) doesn’t think a kiss with his ex is that big of a deal, but Jennifer feels betrayed and boots him out. Jennifer then takes a tumble down the stairs, after which she wakes up in the hospital in a panic, but settles down once she learns her unborn child is safe. As it turns out, a Samaritan passed by and saw her in trouble, so he stepped in and made sure help was dispatched. With the help of her retired police officer father, Jennifer tracks down the man who helped her, Garrett (Cameron Jebo). He reveals that he lost his wife and two children in an accident, so he feels compelled to help others to make sure they don’t have to endure the pain he has. The two strike up a fast bond, but is Garrett just a kind soul or is he hiding some dark secrets?

Entertainment Value: I think Killer Single Dad is a great title, but this Lifetime thriller doesn’t follow a divorced dad who stalks the new boyfriends of his ex, much to my disappointment. But this is one of the creepiest movies Lifetime has produced, which is no small compliment, given their lineup of stories. The narrative is convoluted, but familiar if you’ve seen a lot of these kind of movies, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it is a lot of fun to watch. The pace is on point, so the movie never feels slow or padded, while the melodrama is dialed up to a nice level. Aside from Garrett’s creepiness, the craziness isn’t at Lifetime’s highest points, but it does have a lot of drama and is by no means a grounded thriller. As creepy as Garrett is, you have to just laugh at poor Jennifer, as she takes clueless to an all new level. The film even seems to take some humor in his naivety, as the camera will often linger on her while she makes some terrible decision. Between Garrett, Jennifer’s oblivious persona, and the rather nonsensical plot, there’s plenty of wackiness in this one. So if you prefer a more realistic kind of thriller, Killer Single Dad isn’t going to hit the mark, but for fans of melodrama and creepers, this is well worth a watch.

Lifetime loves to give us protagonists who seem to be oblivious to the world around them, but few have had the total naivety of Jennifer, one of the network’s most clueless, wholesome good girls ever. Kaitlyn Black plays Jennifer and manages to convey that sense of total mind blank the character needs. I am surprised she was able to keep a straight face in some scenes, but she does a good job of making Jennifer likable, even in her dumbest moments. You will still wonder if Jennifer has suffered some kind head trauma, but Black’s performance makes it easier to root for her survival, though she seems totally helpless throughout. And then we have Cameron Jebo who delivers one of the slimiest creepers in the Lifetime ranks, oozing “do not trust this guy” vibes, while Jennifer eats up all the attention he offers. Jebo is a lot of fun here and really nails the Lifetime villain persona, I hope he returns in future movies to showcase his creeper skills even more. The cast also includes Robert Parks-Valletta, Lily Rains, Jane Carr, and Victoria Barabas.

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