Plot: After some ninjas arrive and kidnap his wife, Satan needs to be entertained and so he demands stories from his cursed jester. His wife’s scheming sister might have gotten the better of him this time, but he still wants to relax and have a few laughs, so his servant spins a pair of horrific yarns. The first story follows a serial killer who picks his victims at random from a phone book, as he is just pissed off at the world and wants to lash out. But when he targets a young woman named Jezebel, he gets all he can handle and more. The second tale is about clowns, as one such clown is depressed and drunk, so he hangs himself. But he discovers his woes aren’t over, an another annoying clown is in the afterlife to harass him. Meanwhile, Satan is still around and well, things just kind of end with no rhyme or reason.

Entertainment Value: This bargain basement horror anthology offers up two eerie stories, with a strange wraparound segment that involves Ginger Lynn as a ninja out to do battle with Satan. This is pure shot on video magic, the kind of movie that makes no sense, but has that special elusive charm that makes you question the meaning life as a dead clown argues with a devil clown. The wraparound sets up the anthology sections well enough, as Satan wants to be entertained, but the ninjas, medieval swords, and kidnapped wife narrative are just there to add coolness and in all fairness, it is quite an odd scene. The heavy metal serial killer tale is a lot of fun and has all the shot on video trash elements you could want, as it embraces the ridiculous, low rent tone and runs with it. I had a blast with the clown segment as well, as it is so bizarre and has so little payoff, just total nonsense. The reviews I’ve read have mostly shit on the clown scenes, but I think they add a surreal, mind numbing thread. This is way more fun than it should be and for fans of dirt cheap, brain corroding, psychotronic shot on video trash, Satan’s Storybook is well recommended.

No nakedness. The movie has some scantily clad ladies at times, but no outright sleaze or naked flesh in Satan’s Storybook. There’s some blood at times, but not a lot, as the movie is more focused on weirdness than violence. Even so, the serial killer segment has some red stuff splashed around. This does have strong horror vibes, just not much blood or gore outside the serial killer part of the narrative. The dialogue is ridiculous, stilted, and nonsensical, in other words a ton of fun. The clown segment is so awkward and strange, it earns some solid points just on its own. The banter between the clowns is so odd and unnatural, I love every second of it. As for craziness, I don’t think Satan’s Storybook could be much more insane if it wanted to be, as it is wall to wall wackiness and “what the fuck” moments. The clown scene is just baffling beyond belief, the serial killer story is awkward and slapdash, and the wraparound scene is like a heavy metal music video drowned in hallucinogens. Just an outlandish cinematic trash fire that has to be seen to be believed, masterful stuff.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10