Plot: Andrea (Kim Director) is haunted by her past, when she was pushed off the stage at Homecoming and as a result, sustained injuries that have made it impossible for her to have children. Her husband resents her inability to conceive, which drives a wedge in the marriage and when he leaves her for another woman, Andrea snaps and kills her husband. When she decides to go on the run, she heads back to her hometown just in time for her latest class reunion. She wants to settle the score with Isabelle (April Bowlby), who shoved her off the stage back in high school. Isabelle has carried regret over the event since it happened, choosing to bury that part of her past and move on with her life. But now that Andrea is back in town, will she see through her plan for revenge or will Isabelle fall right into her trap?

Entertainment Value: This is a wild one, with a vicious femme fatale, a naive, obvlivious protagonist, and enough melodrama, obsession, and stalker vibes to fill a dozen made for television thrillers. The narrative is familiar, with an old rival looking to settle a grudge, but thanks to a wild approach, it relies on drama, twists, and bad decisions. This means logic is in short supply, which might alienate those who prefer a more grounded thriller, but it also means Homecoming Revenge is never dull or slow. I love this kind of over the top, throw common sense to the wind Lifetime thrillers, especially since this one seems to embrace the craziness. The tension doesn’t suffer, since we have a ruthless villain that is willing to do whatever it takes, so while it is silly at times, the sheer lunacy keeps the suspense on point. If nothing else, Andrea’s relentless, unpredictable rampage adds to the tension, as you have to stay tuned in, just to see what the hell this crazed bitch will do next. At the same time, I know some prefer a more traditional thriller, so if you don’t appreciate the over the top style, you’ll likely not connect with this one. But for those who love a wild, melodrama laced thriller like only Lifetime can deliver, Homecoming Revenge is worth a look.

The villain can make or break this kind of melodramatic thriller, so luckily we have a fun, wild bad girl in Kim Director’s Andrea. Director really amps up the villainous persona and goes for broke, reveling in how bold and relentless the character can be in her pursuit for vengeance. Her performance is over the top and dialed way up, but it fits the material well and above all else, she is a lot of fun to watch. I love these kind of manipulative, cunning villains in Lifetime movies and I think Director earns her place alongside the craziest Lifetime stalkers. April Bowlby is the lead and plays our protagonist, which she is capable to handle and manages to convey the naive, oblivious nature of Isabelle well. I know some will see Isabelle as one of the dumbest victims in Lifetime history, but to me that is part of the fun, especially with Andrea running wild over her. The cast also includes Valerie Jane Parker, Deborah Twiss, Abbie Gayle, James Fuertes, and Mike Faiola.

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