Plot: At the Throbbing Video Company, all kinds of erotica, adult entertainment, and just plain smut is produced and unleashed upon the general populace. But when an alien sound wave travels into the studio’s electrical system via a phone call, things go from sexy to scary in a flash. The sound wave is able to possess an electrician and send him on a murderous rampage, but even if the survivors are able to kill him, the sound wave can just transfer to another human host. Can a bunch of buffoons somehow stay alive and find some kind of solution that will neutralize the alien sound wave, or is this is the end to Throbbing Video?

Entertainment Value:  When a movie opens with an introduction detailing a drinking game, you know you might be in for a wild ride. It Came! is an oddball, cheap sci/fi horror movie that embraces the ridiculous, which helps add entertainment and balance out the cheap production values. In other words, the movie is terrible, but it knows that and throws in a lot of wild moments, offbeat humor, and ludicrous performances to ensure things are never dull. The narrative is outlandish, with an alien sound wave on the prowl, but it is just there to set up the bad jokes and colorful characters, which are in ample supply here. The pace is brisk, as the film jumps from one joke or skit to the next, which is good since when one fails to entertain, the scenes don’t drag on and we’re thrown a new joke soon. This one is likely to confuse or be turned off in the first five minutes by most viewers, but for fans of bad movies, offbeat horror, and over the top cheap cinema, It Came! is a fun ride.

This one has a few topless scenes and bare ass shots, so some fun sleaze pops up, though it is rather brief. I appreciate that the movie makes little to no effort to justify the skin, just cutting to a random sex session in a hallway, to make sure some bare breasts make it in. There’s not a tidal wave of bloodshed here, but we do have some cheap, fun blasts of violence. One poor guy has to hold his hand over his eye the entire movie, to be able to accommodate his practical gore effect, but the real good times center on a drill. This instrument leads to nice sprays of the red stuff and while most of it happens off screen, we do get a few shots of the drill bit doing damage. A lot of blood splashes on walls, but not a lot of visible carnage in this movie. The dialogue is stupid, outlandish, and always fun in It Came!, with some ridiculous lines and a cast that makes even the silliest exchange even more outrageous. The sense of humor is lame, so we have a lot of sexual innuendos and bad jokes galore. I found this kind of stuff hilarious, but I can see why it wouldn’t entertain all audiences. On the scale of craziness, this is pure low rent style wackiness and while the humorous tone lightens the madness, there is still a wealth of outlandish moments here.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10