Plot: A being (Neil Breen) has manifested on earth, a mystical presence who happens to be the creator of mankind. He is disappointed in how humans have taken care of his world and each other, as kindness is minimal and the environment has fallen into a dire situation. As he ventures through Las Vegas and oversees how his creations behave, he is even more shocked and is pushed to action, as he can’t stand by while destructive and cruel actions go on around him. The being begins to punish those who go wrong, reward those who deserve compassion, and he tries to push mankind toward sustainable energy sources. But in a world filled with so much hate and arrogance, can even a handsome, cosmic being restore some level of justice?

Entertainment Value: This was the second movie from Neil Breen, who continued his focus on mysticism, social messages, and bizarre elements that never relent and keep you baffled throughout. Breen handles the lead role as always and spend most of the duration preaching about kindness to others, environmental concerns, and how no woman can resist his charms. In other words, if you’ve seen Breen’s other work, you know about what to expect here, but he’s also able to throw in odd monkey wrenches to keep you on your toes. This is pure Breen and is just outlandish at times, but I Am Here….Now isn’t as consistently wild and fun as Fateful Findings, though that is a tall order, even for Breen. The pace runs slow at times, mostly thanks to long, static shots and extended takes that continue after the on screen actions have finished. These are unusual choices of course, but that’s why you’d watch a Neil Breen movie, to see what odd approaches he rolls out. So for fans of Breen’s style or bizarre, mind melting cinema in general, I Am Here….Now is worth a look.

No nakedness. Some girls do shed their bikini tops, but obscure their breasts and no nipples are freed in the process. The movie also has a couple of brief, tame sex scenes, so no sleaze in this one. There is some blood however, as Breen causes some villains to bleed from their eyes and some other mild violence happens. This sounds more graphic than it is, as we never see kinetic bloodshed, just aftermath signs. So we see the red under eyes, but never an in the moment flow of crimson. This holds true during the other violence driven moments, while the brawl that unfolds is more like a cartoon than a tense battle. The dialogue is fantastic, a moonshot of off the wall, often nonsensical chatter that never ceases to entertain. Breen’s bursts of social judgment are fun, but it is the other characters that really shine, with some lines that are bound to baffle and make you quote them to strangers. The sisters have some of the best exchanges, including one where one encourages the other to become a prostitute mere minutes after she loses her job. As for the insanity involved, this is a Neil Breen movie, so you know it delivers on that front. The slow stretches disrupt the wackiness, so the flow isn’t as consistent as some of his other work, but I Am Here….Now comes through with plenty of Breen’s signature mind alerting cinematic elements.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 8/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10