Plot: Matt (Luke Wilson) is a normal dude with a normal life, though he seems to be unlucky when it comes to the ladies. He has a crush on coworker Hannah (Anna Faris), but she’s taken and he seems to attract the crazier females, so he is used to drama and chaos in his love life. His best friend Vaughn (Rainn Wilson) encourages him to talk to a beautiful woman on the subway and while she rebuffs him at first, he chases down a crook who snatches her purse, so he lands a date. She is Jenny (Uma Thurman) and while she did resist at first, soon the two have some real chemistry and start to get serious, but Jenny happens to have a secret. She has a hidden life as a superhero, the world famous G-Girl and given her remarkable set of super powers, her craziness means she could stir up more drama than Matt can even imagine.

Entertainment Value: A super powered woman scorned is a fun premise, especially when the superhero is as bitter and unstable as G-Girl, so there’s a lot of potential in My Super Ex-Girlfriend. The movie winds up as a middle of the road comedy, but it is a cute movie and has a good sense of humor, especially in how G-Girl’s emotional outbursts are unleashed. The scene where she throws a live shark into Matt’s apartment is likely the movie’s best known moment, but there’s much craziness in this one and most of the humor works well. I do think there’s only a couple of big laughs, but the humor is consistent and when it focuses on the dysfunctional side of romance, that’s when it works best. Some stretches are a little flat and the Matt/Hannah thread is rather weak until the finale, but again, I think overall My Super Ex-Girlfriend is a fun, worthwhile comedy with a fun concept. I do wish it focused more on the craziness around G-Girl, however, as those are the best moments.

Luke Wilson plays our lead and as his role calls for a run of the mill type dude, Wilson fills that part well. His performance doesn’t stand out as memorable, but he is supposed to be a bland, basic guy, so that makes sense. The script also keeps his role simple and even passive in most scenes, just reacting to the things around him, so Wilson just does what he is asked and little more. The real star here is Uma Thurman, who brings the bitter, emotionally volatile superhero to life in grand fashion and carries the movie in most sequences. She plays the crazy side of G-Girl to perfection, as if a Lifetime stalker had been given super powers. I love Thurman’s effort here, I just wish she was the focus, not Wilson’s forgettable Matt. Rainn Wilson and Anna Faris have fun supporting roles, with Faris really coming to life during the finale, when the material opens up and lets her shine a little. This cast also includes Wanda Sykes and Eddie Izzard, so quite an impressive lineup here.

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