Plot: Dr. Andrea Hewlitt (Justine Bateman) is a pioneer in the medical field, as she pushes the boundaries of science in search of breakthroughs, though her methods are less than respected. Her work of late has centered on radical transplants, including cross species operations that have raised some eyebrows in the medical world, to say the very least. When Aaron (Cory Monteith) loses his vision in a horrific fire, Hewlitt sees a chance to push her research to the next level and with a dying wolf in her care, the opportunity is too good to pass up. She transplants the wolf’s eyes into Aaron, despite concerns from those around her and not only is his sight restored, but he has gained enhanced vision. At first he is beyond thrilled to have his sight back, but then some strange things begin to happen…

Entertainment Value: This one was marketed as a horror movie with werewolf elements, but Hybrid is more of a mystical drama than monster movie. This is bound to disappoint horror fans, but there is some entertainment value in this one, as it is so pretentious, yet ridiculous. The premise here is hilarious and prime b movie style stuff, with the eyes of a wolf transplanted into a human, who then begins to take on qualities of the animal. In this case, the powers of the wolf mean night vision and pack leader traits, rather than superhuman strength and transformation. So yes our lead takes on wolf-like elements, but he isn’t a werewolf at all and this is all rooted in Native American inspired mythology. The movie is dead serious, but is so silly at times and veers into b movie wackiness often, as the sincere approach amplifies the goofier aspects of Hybrid into unintended humor. I do think the pace is slow and there’s more filler than b movie thrills, so this is a tough one to recommend, but I do think fans of oddball horror and serious, but ridiculous movies will have some fun here.

No nakedness. There’s a romance thread and one tame sex scene, but aside from Cory Monteith being shirtless through most of the movie, Hybrid plays it safe when it comes to sexual content. The movie has some light blood at times, but this is more drama than horror, so there’s no gore or graphic violence. Some mild violence appears, but it is brief and infrequent. So if you’re interested but put off by blood and guts, this one is more than safe in that regard. The worst it gets is when Aaron will sometimes be seen with blood smeared on his face and chest, so minimal bloodshed here. The dialogue is rather bland, but when it veers into the more mystical elements, the humor increases and so there are some memorable lines. The material is pretentious and the cast is mostly awkward, which also leads to some unintentional fun. As for craziness, the eye transplant premise is a fun start, but while there is some b movie humor here, it isn’t as wild as I would like. I do love that Aaron assembles his pack, but it is stray dogs and not even mean ones, but like cute, harmless smaller dogs.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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