Plot: A border dispute has led to the United States claiming a section of Canada, which means a shift in law enforcement needs to happen, as American police officers need to be rotated in to replace the horse riding local officials. Although the most outlandish state trooper crew in Vermont’s history has long since disbanded, this new patrol offers a chance for an unexpected reunion. Once the troopers have returned to duty, they start right back up with the old tricks, ordering ridiculous supplies and pulling prank after prank, until a real case arrives. Once again they face a drug smuggling operation, but this time instead of the police department, they have to race to solve the case before the local mounted police can show them up. But with the troopers lost in their own personal issues even as the case unfolds, can they put aside the nonsense and do some actual police work?

Entertainment Value: This sequel took nearly two decades and a crowd source campaign to happen, but Broken Lizard returned to bring the cult favorite Super Troopers back to life. The original was a loose, often seemingly random kind of comedy, but it seems like a well oiled, strategic comic machine when compared to this sequel, which has a much less streamlined presence. This includes some throwbacks to the best moments of the first movie, some wild new twists and scenarios, and some dull, slow stretches that strain the entire picture. In other words, Super Troopers 2 has some great bursts of humor, but it feels like an hour of solid material stretched to fill 100 minutes, so it is rough at times. This results in a less consistent comedic flow, but that doesn’t mean this is a bad movie, just not as effective as the original. The troopers all return and are given some outrageous situations to work with, some that are downright bizarre and others that feel flat, such as the romance thread. The narrative follows the first movie for the most part, with the troopers against a rival squad, but at least the Mounties are played by some colorful performers. Overall I had fun with Super Troopers 2, even if it fails to capture the same kind of comedic magic of the original and I think fans of the first movie will have a lot of fun here.

A lot of sexual references and jokes in this one, but not much nakedness, with one topless scene and a naked man doing a cartwheel. These are both brief and non graphic, so the sleaze is minimal here. A lot of comedic violence and pratfalls in this one, not to mention car accidents and shootouts, but Super Troopers 2 is free from bloodshed, even when a toe is lopped off. So a wealth of painful, often cruel physical injuries unfold, but no red stuff or graphic violence is present. The dialogue is fun here, even if not nearly as sharp as the first time around. Some of the classic catchphrases and exchanges return, but plenty of new content is also pumped in, with mixed results. While the humor is less effective than before, there are still a good amount of fun lines, old and new, so this movie earns some solid points here. As for insanity, this one has a lot of wackiness and outlandish moments, but those are balanced out by long, dull stretches that curb the madness.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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