Plot: At Taft & Adams High School, there is less focus on schoolwork and more of an emphasis on mischief, not to mention more erotic pursuits. Rick (Peter Keleghan) and his friends are the horniest pack of teens around, always trying to cop a feel or plot to sleep some of the school’s more alluring females. Rick himself even poses as a doctor so he can perform breast exams, while his friends engage in their own scams or mishaps, which lands them all in detention. In detention the group hatches a new plan however, one which encourages more sexual hijinks and puts a target on the school virgin, Purity, who the boys are determined to seduce. But will anyone ever even Purity in the buff, let alone score with the last virgin in school?

Entertainment Value: In the wake of Porky’s a flood of teen sex comedies would be uncorked, but few would be as over the top and off the wall as Screwballs. This movie is rooted in the Porky’s formula, with a nostalgic approach, high school archetypes, and of course, a wealth of naked women. The story is simple and bound to offend the more sensitive audiences, as a group of teens plot to deflower the school’s virgin and get into as much trouble as possible in the process. So if you want deep narratives or redeeming social values, abandon ship now. But if you like ridiculous humor and can appreciate bad sex jokes, the laughs will be consistent and Screwballs delivers on what it promises, with a focus on humor and bare breasts. The cast is fine for the nature of the material and they all embrace the ludicrous material, so even if the jokes are flat at times, the enthusiasm of the cast helps a lot. The pace is also brisk and at just over 80 minutes, Screwballs wastes little time and runs a tight ship. So if you appreciate bare breasts and 80s style humor, this is one you won’t want to miss.

This is pure 80s cheesecake, with a parade of topless scenes and most of the female cast members pop their tops at some point. The sexual elements are played for laughs more than erotica, so the sex scenes aren’t graphic and there’s no full frontal nudity, but there are bare breasts aplenty. I also have to think more easily offended viewers will be horrified by some of the attitudes in Screwballs, but this is an 80s sex comedy, so no one should be surprised there. No blood. The movie has some slapstick physical humor, but no real violence and given the ridiculous tone, bloodshed would seem out of place in this kind of picture. The dialogue is outlandish, over the top, and often lame, but so lame you can’t help laugh even at the bad jokes. As for craziness, the movie revels in the sex crazed material and has some real zaniness, including a silly finale that caps off the movie in grand, appropriate style.

Nudity: 6/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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