Plot: Robert Burnside (Robert Carradine) has been cornered into looking at his secretary’s vacation photos, not his idea of a good use of time, but when he browses the pictures, his past floods back when he recognizes a woman. He once represented the woman in a big trial and in the process, had fallen in love her and now, he wants to track her down to find out the full truth about her case. The secretary says she worked at the hotel and provides the information, so Burnside heads off to revisit a mysterious chapter of his past and find some answers. But will he uncover the truth he seeks or does this woman have more tricks than even Burnside can handle?

Entertainment Value: Dangerous Curves is packaged like an erotic thriller, but this is more of a film noir, old school style detective narrative, albeit one that makes no sense and is loaded with oddball moments. The story is convoluted and while it is hard to follow, I think the nonsense just adds to the fun, especially all the twists, turns, and betrayals that pile up here. At a certain point, all the narrative tricks reach a point of sheer absurdity and the characters are mostly moronic, which only serves to make it even more incomprehensible. Despite the ridiculous nature of the narrative, the movie is dead serious and treats this like a sincere thriller, which again, only serves to ramp up the unintentional humor and entertainment. The cast has some familiar faces, none of whom seem that interested, based on their performances. Robert Carradine takes a serious approach, but he is so wooden and stilted, especially when he tries to deliver the film noir inspired voice overs. David Carradine is also here and he dials up the camp a little, while Maxine Bahns and Marina Anderson also have prominent roles, but no one here puts in much effort. I had a great time with Dangerous Curves, so as long as you appreciate bizarre, mostly terrible b movies, this oddball, overly complicated thriller is recommended.

Aside from some detached penises in jars, no nakedness. The movie has some bloodshed, as guns are brandished often and some nice squibs are splashed around. The violence is never overly graphic, but I am glad there are some minor bursts of crimson to add some fun. I should also mentioned that one female assassin happens to collect severed penises, which she removes herself, then stores in jars for display purposes. We are shown her collection up close and personal, so I suppose that counts in this department. The dialogue here is strange, awkward, and poorly performed, in other words, immense fun. The attempts at hard boiled, film noir style lines are the most memorable, as they come off as ludicrous and at times, cringe worthy. As for craziness, the ridiculous and convoluted narrative is quite strange, not to mention the penis collection, lesbian assassins, bicycle versus motorcycle duel, odd dialogue, and terrible performances. All of which is presented in dead serious fashion, which makes things even wackier than they should be.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10

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