Plot: Stephen (Michael Moriarty) is in court fighting for his son’s rights, as the world has taken a hard stance against the recent wave of mutant babies born, in part because of violent outbursts from the children. He insists that is son can be controlled and his not a monster, just a scared child, but society doesn’t share that viewpoint. In an effort to give the mutant children some kind of life and protect everyone else, the courts have sent the babies to a remote, tropical island. Meanwhile, Stephen finds himself ostracized from most circles, as his link to a mutant child concerns or outright scares most people, especially potential mates. And of course, there’s a plan into motion to visit the island that holds the mutants for research purposes, while a second team heads there to wipe out the children. How will things work out when these forces converge on the island, especially when the discover the mutants are no longer babies?

Entertainment Value: Island of the Alive marks the finale of Larry Cohen’s cult classic It’s Alive series and this last installment sends the series off on a wild, outlandish note that makes for a fun watch. The previous It’s Alive movies had some camp value, but retained a mostly serious feel and approach, whereas Island of the Alive embraces the b movie elements. This sequel still feels right at home in the series, despite the shift in tone and it comes off as a natural progression, as this kind of bizarre narrative was bound to end in dialed up fashion. The mutants are given much more screen time here as well and they’ve grown up, so we have a number of Jason Voorhees looking creatures on the loose uncorking violence. Island of the Alive is also able to ramp up the b movie traits without going full slapstick, so there’s still some good atmosphere here and a little of the social commentary remains woven in. I know some dislike this sequel because it is so much sillier than the previous two, but I think Island of the Alive is a fun b movie that genre fans should appreciate.

This sequel gives us the glorious gift of mutant breastfeeding, but aside from that scene, no nakedness in this one. There are some sexual elements at times, but it is all talk and no action here. The first two movies had some bloodshed and violence, but not much and a good deal of the carnage was off screen, while this sequel is a little more generous with the red stuff. I wouldn’t call Island of the Alive blood soaked, but it does offer more violence and the bloodshed is more vivid, compared to the earlier films. So while the kills and attacks aren’t always inventive or over the top, I appreciated seeing the mutants given more of a presence here. The dialogue is fine, but not all that memorable outside of some humorous lines from Stephen. He’s a fun character that brings a lot to the movie, I just wish he had more screen time. As for craziness, this one is wilder than the first two and leans into the b movie elements. Stephen is a wacky character, the violence is amped up, and the madness on the island adds some points as well.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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