Plot: After he sees a news report about an escaped maniac, Joey Hammond (Joseph Shaugnessy) knows he is about to fight for his life, so he grabs some weapons and prepares for battle. His instincts were correct, as the lunatic soon shows up at his house and is out for blood. This time Joey won’t be taken by surprise, but who will survive this epic, life and death showdown?

Entertainment Value: The Violence Movie was a fun, homemade tribute to 80s horror and of course, no tribute to that genre would be complete without a sequel and as such, The Violence Movie 2 was unleashed. At nineteen minutes, this slasher short stays in line with the original and follows one man’s fight for survival against a methodical, hockey mask clad killer. As with the first movie, this feels like a deleted scenes from some wild 80s shot on video slasher movie, as it captures that vibe so well and defies the low rent roots to deliver big fun. I love to see creative, passionate horror movies and this one hits all the notes, a clear passion project that was made with enthusiasm and love for the horror genre. As I said in my review of the first movie, you simply have to admire the ambition and inventiveness involved.

While The Violence Movie 2 is steeped in 80s horror elements, one area it veers off course is that unlike most sequels, this one ups the ante and goes for broke, instead of resting on the franchise’s laurels. The movie boasts twice the budget ($100!) and you can see where all the cash went, with more stunts, more bloodshed, and some impressive set pieces. I have immense appreciation for the ambition here, adding in a rooftop duel and the car sequence bring some great stunts, but those are just a couple examples of how this sequel raises the bar. The blood quotient is higher here as well, with some very cool practical effects and a finale that defies all reason, standing as one of the most hilarious and outlandish conclusions around. In the end, this sequel more than lives up to the original and is a total blast to watch, with nearly endless replay value and appeal to anyone with an interest in the genre.

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