Plot: A master of the dark arts offers his mystical powers for sale, exchanging various spells for cold, hard cash. But he pays a cost for use of the black magic, one that takes years from his life, so he has limits on what he can provide. His main focus is love spells, which cause women to fall madly in love with the client, though not all of the spells work out as expected. So when things begin to spiral out of control and outlandish events begin to transpire, even his black magic seems to be of little avail. Meanwhile, another sorcerer, one who practices within the light, is sensing the darkness, even as the chaos escalates even more. As all hell breaks loose, who will survive this hellish nightmare and can order be restored in time to save mankind?

Entertainment Value: Black Magic 2 is not only one of the rare sequels that surpasses the original, it is also easily one of the wildest, most outlandish sequels ever, a total blast of pure craziness. The narrative is more or less a rework of the first movie, but taken in some bizarre and almost random directions, so this is more of an experience rather than a story driven movie. I mean, we have sorcerers, zombies, outrageous gore, melodrama, breast milk, and those are just some of the ways Black Magic 2 warps your mind. This isn’t a case of a few cool scenes here and there, but a consistent flow of mayhem and off the wall moments. The pace slows a little in the middle act, but roars into the finale with a fully loaded chamber of craziness. I know some are quite critical of the slow middle, but it only seems slow because of how insane the first and third acts are, so that’s a tough act to maintain. I think Black Magic 2 is an absolute blast and essential cinema for anyone with an interest in horror movies, Shaw Brothers films, or bizarre cinema in general.

This one has a number of topless scenes and some odd sexual moments, including a scene where a woman goes through a wild aging process as she is railed. This is wild shit and while the sex isn’t graphic, these kind of bizarre touches ensure the scenes remain fun and memorable. There’s some bloodshed as well, such as a crucial narrative point that involves a spike driven into the skulls of the zombies. If the spike is removed, weird shit happens and the movie graces us with a good amount of spike removals and insertions to bask in. A stomach is sliced open in vivid fashion, which leads to a strange birth, fingernails are ripped off, dead animals are turned into weapons, eyeball trauma unfolds, and believe or not, there’s more. This is wild, gross out stuff at times, but always fun and totally nuts. The dialogue is one of the more sane aspects of the movie, but we still have some fun villainous moments from our evil sorcerer. On the craziness scale, you should be able to tell by now that Black Magic 2 is one wild ride, but rest assured we’ve left plenty of surprises and wackiness.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

The Disc: 88 Films presents the movie in a lush new high definition restoration, which looks fantastic. I feel the image reveals much more detail and not just fine elements, but more prominent aspects seem more refined. This could be because of the improved contrast, which lets more detail shine though, or the clean print or perhaps the added resolution. The disc also includes dual language tracks, English subtitles, and a film journalist audio commentary track.

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