Plot: After he was diagnosed with cancer, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) signed up for a mysterious, experimental treatment with hopes of a miracle, only to be initiated into a sadistic medical research program. He was tortured in brutal and varied ways, in order to spark an inherent mutation and while this would indeed work, he would have to endure more than most of his fellow test patients. After the experiments, he would have enhanced strength, speed, and reflexes, not to mention remarkable powers of regeneration and of course, his cancer was cured. But he was burned up and disfigured in the process, which has kept him from his true love, though he plans to track down the man responsible and have his good looks restored. Will his quest for revenge and good skin be as simple as he thinks or will he find himself drawn into all kinds of bullshit instead?

Entertainment Value: Deadpool is formulaic and predictable, but it at least lets us know from the start that is the case, hoping a wink from the lead will distract us from how routine the movie is. This works to an extent, if for no reason than at least Deadpool isn’t a lifeless, glacial behemoth like most other Marvel movies. So a little fresh blood makes a big difference and while Deadpool isn’t as wild or dark as it could have been, at least it is rarely dull. I would have loved a darker, less slapstick vision of the character, but this is mass appeal cinema, so that was never likely to happen. I just think Deadpool works best when his relentless humor is fueled by his inner brutality, rather than a sitcom style barrage like it is here. The movie also leans on constant pop culture references, which I found to be tired and predictable. So the humor for me was very hit and miss, but some of it works and if it was more character driven, less nostalgia references, I could have appreciated it more. Ryan Reynolds has the humor aspect down well, but has none of the darker side or brutal nature of the character, which undermines the rare attempts to include emotional beats. Brianna Hildebrand is also fun in a smaller role, but the rest of the cast was forgettable here. This one is firmly aimed at those who love meme style, pop culture drop humor, but compared to some of the snooze movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is still a solid watch.

A club scene has some brief bare breasts and full frontal, but the lighting is dark and the shots are quite quick. Even so, a little sleaze is always appreciated, even if it is minor and ever so brief. There’s frequent bloodshed, but sadly it is low end CGI and looks like a cartoon in most scenes. I don’t mind the slapstick approach to the violence, but the CGI is quite bad in most of these scenes. So I can’t score full points, but we do have various slashes, gun shot wounds, limbs severed, blood gushes, and splattered corpses, so some fun stuff unfolds. I just wish it looked halfway decent, as with good effects, these could have been some cool scenes. But the crown jewel of terrible CGI has to be Colossus, who looks almost as bad as the Scorpion King. No idea how a character with so much screen time was approved, as it looks like an episode of Reboot at times. The dialogue is the film’s real draw, with rapid fire jokes that do rely too much on references, but hit the mark often enough. A lot of humorous and memorable lines, none overly creative or all that wild, but fun nonetheless. Deadpool has most of the dialogue period, let alone the best lines, but T.J. Miller and Hildebrand are given chances to shine. As for craziness, the movie has a quirky sense of humor by superhero movie standards, but that’s not enough to score much here.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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