Plot: Venice rests as a dead city, in ruins and cloaked in pollution, after even the measures taken to preserve the historic location proved to be just another nail in the coffin of the once romantic area. An underground research lab run by the Tubular Corporation was involved in the effort to save Venice, but now an alert has been raised and the compound seems to be in peril. A team is assembled to clean up the mess, an elite band of mercenaries known as Mega Force who are joined by a mysterious agent from Tubular named Samuel Fuller (!) and a scientist from the corporation. This group heads right into danger and as they explore the compound, it becomes clear that Tubular has hidden a lot of information. As things spiral out of control and madness is uncorked, will anyone survive this treacherous mission?

Entertainment Value: In a world plagued by remakes and reboots, there is some comfort in going back to an era when filmmakers wouldn’t borrow, but outright steal popular movie ideas. This leads us to Shocking Dark, also released as Terminator 2 in some regions and easily one of the boldest, most outlandish cases of Italian knock-off cinema ever crafted. An outlandish cocktail of Aliens and The Terminator, trimmed with low rent Star Trek production design elements, and loaded with ridiculous moments, this is a cult film fan’s wet dream. The movie steals some big ticket portions of those genre classics, but it still feels like nothing makes sense and very little effort is made to have a rational narrative in place. Instead we have loud, ludicrous dialogue, bizarre plot twists, outrageous performances, and a nearly constant stream of total nonsense, this is pure cinematic bliss. This is the kind of movie that defies criticism, as Shocking Dark knows it is low rent trash, but it takes pride in that fact and delivers an experience that genre fans are sure to never forget. This movie not only deserves a place in your collection, it deserves a seat at your dinner table.

No nakedness. There is little time for romance with all the monkey business going on, so you won’t miss the naked flesh here. There’s a lot of action in Shocking Dark, but not much gore or visceral bloodshed to be seen. But given that this is more sci/fi than horror, the lack of a total bloodbath is never a problem and the movie does spice in some crimson at times. And we’re given some funky, bizarre creature effects as well, which are a lot of fun. The action scenes are brisk and limited in scope, thanks to the low rent production values involved. But we have some gun battles and shakedowns, so the pace is jolted at times by some bursts of action. The dialogue is fantastic here, a parade of outlandish, awkward, and off the wall lines that never fail to entertain, even when they make little to no sense. Geretta Geretta is a constant source of hilarious moments, but there’s ample dysfunction, casual racism & sexism, emotional outbursts, and overly dramatic elements. The craziness scale is influenced by the sheer brazenness of the Aliens/Terminator knock-off elements, plus the wild dialogue, outrageous acting efforts, and general oddball vibe the movie gives off. Then you have the finale, which is quite a baffling, but appropriate finish line.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 8/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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