Plot: Cindy (Karlie Montana) is an intern at an import office, but she has just lost her apartment and while she loves her work, she will likely have to give up her position after this turn of events. But her boss Patrick appreciates her hard work and to make sure she can stay at the office, he offers her a spare room at his mansion. His wife Mona (Beverely Lynne) is displeased at the arrival of Cindy, but she and her daughters focus on spending cash to distract them. Cindy is mistreated by Mona and the others, but tries to stay upbeat and grateful, as she appreciates Patrick’s generous nature. But when Patrick flies to a distant kingdom to meet with a royal prince, he is killed in a plane crash on the way back, leaving a mountain of debt behind. At first Cindy is ordered to leave, but then Mona realizes she can exploit the naive girl and retain a little of her lifestyle, so she sticks around. But will Cindy forever be just a downtrodden part of this household or will she find true love and a better life?

Entertainment Value: This late night movie is an interesting one, as it has such an almost wholesome, Hallmark Channel style vibe, but includes nearly constant sex scenes as well. So if you’ve ever wanted a light, brisk romantic comedy that features a lot of sex, Cinderella’s Hot Night is just what the doctor ordered. The narrative is a simple spin on Cinderella, with just the bare essentials intact to move things forward and of course, with an emphasis on sexual hijinks. The tone is light and humorous, but not taken to a wild, over the top level. An example would be the family’s butler, who is seduced by all the women, but he couldn’t be less enthused and almost seems relieved to return to a life of shoveling pig shit instead. The cast is colorful and fun to watch, with stilted, but humorous performances. Beverly Lynne plays the vapid, materialistic wife well and proves she still has the chops for the more romantic moments, while Karlie Montana, the gorgeous Penny Pax, and Christine Nguyen also have fun roles. Sarah Hunter has just a little screen time, but she looked fantastic and her sex scene was one of the highlights here for me. So if you appreciate late night, softcore flicks with a Hallmark-esque feel, give Cinderella’s Hot Night a chance.

This is a softcore sex movie, so there’s frequent nakedness involved. A number of women strip down and bare breasts are on nearly constant parade, as well as naked asses of both male and female varieties. No full frontal from the gentlemen, but we do have some ever so brief full frontal from a couple of the ladies. The sex scenes aren’t tame, but also never veer into overly graphic elements. Given the light, comedic tone of the movie, the sex scenes seem to be tuned just about right. No blood. This one has no violence, so the lack of blood is reasonable. The dialogue is at its best when it is either catty talk between the women or ridiculous attempts at sexy banter, as the cast is a little on the wooden side and that adds extra humor. As I said before, this one doesn’t go over the top with the humor, so it has a light, but fun tone. If you like cheese soaked acting and romantic efforts, you should have fun here. As for craziness, the movie keeps things reeled in and aside from the minor camp at times, Cinderella’s Hot Night never gets that out of control or over the top.

Nudity: 7/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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