Plot: Gabriel (Christopher Walken) is back on earth and as wild as ever, this time with the goal to disrupt the relationship between angel Danyael (Russell Wong) and human Valerie (Jennifer Beals). He dislikes the idea of angels and humans mixing, especially when it could lead the birth of a child, so he arrives to make sure that doesn’t happen and is willing to do whatever it takes. Things intensify when Danyael is able to take down some of Gabriel’s soldiers, which pushes Gabriel to seek out new help in the form of Izzy (Brittany Murphy), a teenage girl who took her own life. He keeps her around to assist him and while she is an unlikely choice in a plot for world destruction, Gabriel is sure he can make it all come together. But can he stop the birth of the angel/human hybrid or will he be forced to watch as a prophecy is fulfilled, bringing peace to the worlds of both heaven and earth?

Entertainment Value: The Prophecy was a dull, drawn out movie, but it had some cool ideas and laid the foundation of some solid lore. This sequel builds on that lore and is able to focus on a more kinetic narrative, while also letting Christopher Walken dial up his performance even more this time around. Instead of all the long winded exposition and drawn out stretches of the original, this sequel turns Walken into an evil, angelic terminator on the hunt. Those who enjoyed the serious tone of the first movie might be let down here, as this is borderline camp in the most serious of scenes and often just goes for outright silliness. This one isn’t as ridiculous as The Prophecy III, but it is in the ballpark and those after a serious, exposition driven horror movie are unlikely to appreciate the shift in tone here. The narrative is handled in a more active approach here, but it does suffer from some repetitive elements and stalling tactics, so it isn’t wall to wall fun. But Walken entertains to no end, the supporting cast is colorful and talented, and this marks a wise shift for the franchise.

One sex scene unfolds here, with a brief instance of bare breasts and not so brief look at a man’s naked ass. This is listed as a “strong sex scene” in the ratings warning, but it is a short scene and not graphic in the least. This installment ups the ante on bloodshed though, with some fun moments of violence and angelic carnage. A theme of the movie is hearts being ripped out and this happens a few times, with splashy removals and pretty solid effects. There’s also a bedpost impalement and some juicy bullet wounds, so the crimson is more than decent here. The dialogue is often hilarious, with Walken as the main source of wild and memorable lines, though Brittany Murphy has a few nice zingers as well. Walken really embraces the silliness of the material and makes even routine lines sparkle, just a super fun performance. His presence also adds to the overall craziness, not to mention the relaxed, campier approach and of course, a supernatural backbreaker used in a angel fight. A much wackier experience than the original, a trend that continues into the third movie.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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