Plot: A voodoo priest is not someone to trifle with, a lesson learned by visiting medical personnel when the priest’s daughter dies from cancer. The priest is enraged and curses those who were unable to save his beloved child, so regardless of the good intentions, a zombie curse is unleashed. After years pass, the daughter of one of the doctors returns to the area, though Jenny (Candice Daly) has no idea the kind of supernatural mayhem that the island holds. Jenny and her friends meet up with some mercenaries, who serve as their guides on the excursion, but a boat malfunction forces them to explore the same island that happens to be cursed. After one of them is attacked by some kind of horrific zombie, things seem like they can’t get worse, until elsewhere on the island, a book is read that calls a torrent of zombies to emerge. Can anyone survive this island hell so that we can hear that awesome end credits music?

Entertainment Value: This is a wild one, with an oddball narrative, hilarious dialogue, and zombies that refuse to shamble about, instead using guns, martial arts, and even coordinated ambushes. I mean, this is just a total mess that tries to blend voodoo, mercenaries, and one hell of a power ballad, the kind of formula that never fails to baffle and entertain. Even if you don’t blink once, you will feel as if you have missed some important narrative elements, as the story is pure nonsense. And while it makes no sense whatsoever, it does what it needs to do, which is build the stage on which this other wild shit takes place on. The performances are fun and the dub work is ridiculous, leading to some hilarious moments. Candice Daly, Massimo Vanni, Jim Gaines, and of course, gay porn star Jeff Stryker have some of the more memorable roles, though the zombies tend to steal the show. The pace is brisk and offers a consistent flow blood and craziness, so there’s little downtime here. Zombie 4 is just a beautiful disaster, a train wreck of gore, outlandish dialogue, and total nonsense that never fails to entertain and has more than earned its reputation.

No nakedness. This one has minimal sleaze, so if you wanted to see Stryker slay a zombie in the sack, not this time around. But the movie does have rampant violence and bloodshed, including a wild scene where a man’s face is ripped off in beautiful, vivid detail. There’s also the zombie attacks, with bites and mauling involved, the various gun based violence that unfolds, and some fun creature/zombie makeup effects that are better than you might expect. There is light bloodletting throughout, punctuated by some impressive, blood soaked set pieces that are a sight to behold. So while not swimming in rivers of crimson, Zombie 4 packs some fun, frequent gore effects. The dialogue is just silliness and nonsense, thanks to a dub track that is so strange at times, it could easily belong to a different movie. The overly dramatic, super serious opening text sets the stage for the outlandishness that follows, with a host of awkward, mean spirited, and just plain confusing lines. As for craziness, we have the story that makes no sense, the amazing power ballad theme song, ridiculous dialogue, and of course, the finale that makes The Sopranos seem like it gave flawless closure.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 7/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10

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