Plot: Murdock (Bo Svenson) and some of his veteran friends nearly pulled off the perfect heist, but at the last minute, one of the bank guards pulled an alarm and the police were dispatched. Despite the great plan and almost flawless execution, only Murdock is able to escape capture and in a panic, he hides his haul in a mailbox. Soon the police have locked down the area and while the cash is right there, Murdock can’t pick it up with so much heat around. And as it turns out, his deposit was seen by a couple of locals from the neighborhood, though both have plans of their own and as such, don’t turn in Murdock or report the incident. One is a small time drug pusher who tries to put together a plan to grab the cash, while the other is a beautiful woman who seems intent on helping Murdock, as well as having some fun. But the mailbox will be emptied soon and as these various forces converge on the location, will anyone be able to liberate the cash and make a clean escape?

Entertainment Value: This one opens with a colorful band of bank robbers and a fun heist sequence, then segues into a crime thriller with an odd sense of humor, so Special Delivery is indeed special. The narrative isn’t all that original, so no real surprises are present here, but the movie’s charm and 70s texture more than compensate for a rather predictable plot. I think the heist is a great start to the movie and has such a humorous crew involved, including Bond villian henchman type with an eyepatch and Bo Svenson with a fake mustache. After the heist, things turn to suspense as the various forces begin to align around the stolen loot, with all kinds of false starts, potential betrayals, and close calls to keep the tension bolstered. This section of the film also leans on the chemistry between Svenson and Cybill Shepherd, while also dialing up the humor with some odd choices. So if you need politically correct content, Special Delivery might offend at times, though there is no malice behind those moments. I appreciated the goofiness, as it helps distract from the routine narrative and allows the cast to have some fun, which leads to a more enjoyable experience. So not a serious thriller, but a fun mix of humor and crime that has a lot of charm.

No nakedness. Some sexy outfits and a tease or two from Shepherd, but otherwise no sleaze in this one. The movie is rated PG, so that makes sense, though an attempted rape scene is more tense than you’d expect. No blood. There is some mild violence at times, but it is never graphic or tinged with blood. The movie has more than a few guns and the kind of characters who don’t seem above using them, but the violence is minimal and as I said, there’s no bloodshed. As for action, the heist scene that opens the movie isn’t so much action as just a cool set piece, but it has some great moments. The crew brings along a rocket launcher to open the vault, which is an awesome and ridiculous touch, to be sure. The dialogue is one area the movie really shines in, between the risque, often hilarious lines and the colorful cast involved. Svenson and Shepherd really embrace the tone of the material, while Jeff Goldblum and Gerrit Graham also make the most of small, but memorable roles. On the craziness front, we have a brawl in a porno theater, the wild dialogue, 70s soaked heist scene, and enthusiastic, colorful cast, so the movie earns some solid points.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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