Plot: At a U.S. research lab in the Philippines, scientists have managed to create a chemical that defies death, known as Death One. If this chemical is used on a corpse, the dead will rise once again and while the end result is a violent zombie, the progress is still quite remarkable. But the compound is soon stormed by terrorists and in the process, one of them is infected with the chemical and of course, that means a recovery op is needed to cover up the situation. The infected corpse is burned to remove all evidence, but this proves to be a fatal mistake, as the chemical is spread all over the island thanks to the cremation. Now the island is packed with the undead, but in addition to the zombies, the civilian survivors will need to evade the government operatives if they want a chance to escape.

Entertainment Value: This blood soaked zombie epic has the imprint of several horror legends, with Lucio Fulci as the original director, then Bruno Mattei stepped in to finish the movie, while Claudio Fragasso and Rossella Drudi were involved in the writing aspect of Zombie 3. The movie lives up to that pedigree, with a good amount of gore, outlandish moments, and nonsensical story elements, just what you’d expect from this cocktail of filmmakers. The narratives takes cues from Return of the Living Dead, but goes off in wild, ridiculous directions and thanks to having two separate shoots involved, Zombie 3’s story threads rarely make sense. But that is part of the fun here, a coherent story wouldn’t be nearly as outrageous as this unhinged chaos, as it is disjointed, but also immense fun. The usual rules of zombie cinema are ignored as well, so anything goes here and that could mean stealth zombies, weapons use, and while smarter, these zombies are much weaker than their classic Romero brethren. Again, this just leads to more madness and to me, that is great news. So if you’re a fan of zombie movies, Fulci or Mattei, or just oddball horror in general, you need to have Zombie 3 in your collection, as it is an absolute blast.

No nakedness. This one is low on sleaze, but more than compensates with ludicrous moments and generous bloodshed. And not only does Zombie 3 drip with the red stuff, but it delivers some of the wildest, most creative gore you’ll find. A head launches itself from a refrigeration device, a zombie newborn emerges in a most delightful fashion, legs are ripped off, throats are ripped, and of course, we have rampant squibs and good old gut munching mayhem. But lest you think that’s all Zombie 3 has to offer, a horde of undead birds descend to peck at the living and let’s be honest, that’s beyond icing on an already rich cake. The dialogue also shines, with a lot of bizarre, awkward, and off the wall lines to soak in. The writing seems almost random at times, as it makes no sense but is still hilarious. So even when the violence takes a brief rest, the ridiculous dialogue rides in on a white horse to entertain us. As for the craziness, this one packs a nice blast of insanity, with the oddball dialogue, inventive gore, ripoff plot that never even tries to make sense, and general wackiness throughout. A lot of movies struggle to live up to their reputations, but Zombie 3 surpasses those expectations and delivers an experience genre fans will devour.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 8/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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