Plot: Atom (Mark Shonsey) loves to bowl and the sports seems to run in his genes, as his grandfather was a legend of the lanes. When he and his friends battle their sworn rivals, Dario and the Rippers, in a crucial league match and a brawl ensues, Atom’s squad ends up banned for life and kicked out of the league. As if that wasn’t enough, his girlfriend is spending all of his money and withholding sex, not to mention she wants him to see a romantic comedy instead of the new zombie movie. Just when Atom thinks things can’t get worse, she leaves him to hook up with Dario, while Atom suffers a severe head trauma that leaves him dazed. As he recovers, he realizes that the world has been overrun by the undead and if he wants to survive the night, he needs to slaughter some zombies, or so he thinks.

Entertainment Value: I’ve seen a lot of indie movies that shoot for the special Troma style magic, but very few have nailed that vibe as well as Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer does. In truth, if you didn’t know beforehand, I could easily see people thinking this was a Troma movie, as it just has that wild, creative, zero fucks given approach that never fails to entertain. The humor is broad and ridiculous, fired off at a brisk pace that never slows down or becomes mired in exposition, despite getting across a solid, fun narrative. Not all of the jokes are home runs of course, but enough of the humor lands to keep this enjoyable throughout and thanks to an enthusiastic, game cast, even the bad jokes tend to be fun here. That is one reason this movie feels so much like an actual Troma production, as the cast seems to be having a total blast and embraces the manic, over the top atmosphere. That enthusiasm is infectious and as I said, elevates even the lame bits of humor, so the cast deserves a lot of credit here. I had a total blast with this one and if you have even a casual interest in zombie movies or even horror in general, you need to see this one.

The movie graces us with some impressive bare breasts, as well as some hilarious, bizarre sex sequences. I love the oral sex in the graveyard sequence, as it is so over the top and ridiculous. As for blood and gore, the movie piles on the red stuff and while there is some minor CGI, most of the effects are practical and super fun to watch, again capturing that DIY Troma texture. Not just a severed limb here and a decapitation there either, once the zombie thread kick in, Atom is a torrent of wild gore. The effects look cheap, but are immense fun and given that the movie has an over the top, comedic approach, that is how it should be. The kills and mutilations are creative and splashy, with limbs torn off, heads lopped off, bowling balls used to disembowel, and all kinds of other crimson soaked demises. The dialogue is outlandish from start to finish, with some lame duck jokes, but most of the humor works and given the sheer volume of wild lines, that’s an impressive feat. This is broad, over the top stuff and is often offensive, random, or just nonsensical, all delivered by an energetic cast that hits the lines so hard, even the weak jokes get a chuckle. In terms of craziness, very little of this movie is even close to normal and while the zaniness dampens the insanity a touch, this is still a wild, over the top experience. This one is not afraid to go for broke, so it has some unpredictable scenes and just batshit crazy moments. I also love how it all wraps up, as it just makes no sense but is a great finale.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 10/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 8/10

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