Plot: A small group of students is determined to force the hand of the school’s dean, who they think is too conservative and needs to get with the times. To that end, they have met in the forest to discuss a list of demands that they plan to hand deliver to the dean, but the meeting seems to take a different turn. The students wind up scattering in pairs for sexual adventures instead of discussion, but once the clothes are back on, the group marches to confront the dean. Meanwhile, the dean’s own wife also tires of his overly conservative nature and has started affairs with anyone willing, including the couple’s own maid. Can the students show the dean the error of his ways and if so, what methods will be used to convince him?

Entertainment Value: This one is simple and to the point, giving us some sex in the woods, light social revolution talk, then closes out with an all out orgy. All of this happens in just over an hour, so The Tale of the Dean’s Wife wastes little time. The narrative is beyond thin, as it just some students who talk about the dean being too uptight, but that is pushed aside when the sexual healing is unleashed. But there’s some fun hippie style talk throughout, as well as a side thread about a couple of nerds who are resistant to the pleasures of the flesh. So there is some effort made to frame the sex with some story, which is always welcome. But the main draw here is the sleaze and while it isn’t graphic, it has some odd moments and the finale is a wild, psychedelic experience that fans of offbeat cinema should appreciate. So if you like hippie movies or softcore sleaze, this one is worth a peek.

This movie is loaded with nakedness, whether in the forest or at the dean’s house, so expect a consistent flow of naked flesh here. The sex isn’t graphic, but it is on the wild side and the women are never shy about shedding their clothes, so breasts, asses, and bush are on frequent showcase. As is often the case, the men take a more reserved approach, so don’t count on swinging dicks or vivid sex scenes. But the ladies are more than willing to show off the goods and often, so those looking for sexploitation thrills should be satisfied here. No blood. There’s no violence here, just one tame, but still fun scene with some BDSM elements. The dialogue has some fun moments, from the prudish girl’s snark to the overly serious hippie social reform rants, so while not rich in wild lines, there’s some fun stuff here. As for craziness, the movie has a finale that is quite memorable, but otherwise, this is just brisk, light sleaze.

Nudity: 7/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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