Plot: Jacob (Justin Duncan) and his brother Shawn (Gerald Crum) host a YouTube channel that is all about the paranormal, which finds them visiting haunted sites or interacting with various cursed objects. While the footage has never produced any kind of real supernatural elements, the two continue to make bold promises and assure their viewers that the experiences are genuine. The two have big plans for their next video, as they have “borrowed” a doll named Anna that is rumored to be cursed and as such, could bring in views. So the brothers take the doll to a supposedly haunted house, to ensure the most haunted, possessed experience possible. But are the rumors just more bunk or have the brothers put themselves in the line of paranormal danger?

Entertainment Value: While Anna picks up a little toward the finale, for the most part this creepy doll flick is a chore to sit through. The narrative is well worn, but the movie tries to subvert expectations by going for cheap humor at times, then jumping back into horror mode. I don’t mind the premise of a humorous killer doll movie, but it is not handled well here. The comedic elements are painful to watch, but never cross that threshold into camp, so the script is just plain bad. Anna doesn’t shine in more dramatic moments either, but the humor is so poorly written and performed, the horror seems almost competent by comparison. So no laughs and minimal effective horror, leaving us with a rather dull, forgettable experience. As I said, the movie improves closer to the end, but by that point it has worn out its welcome. And the minor improvements aren’t enough to save the movie. Unless you have to see every creepy doll movie ever made, you can skip this one.

No nakedness. There’s some scenes with implied nudity, but no naked flesh is ever shown on screen. There’s some blood, but it is almost all aftermath bloodshed and the violence is minimal. So you see blood on clothes or the floor, but how it got there is never shown, at least not in visceral detail. A couple scenes have some violence, but the movie masks them in dense shadows, to ensure nothing can be seen and the effects budget remains low. I don’t need rampant gore to be into a horror movie, but Anna really drops the ball when it comes to fun kills or splashy bloodshed. The dialogue is horrible, like not so bad that it is hilarious, but just horrible. I did like how abysmal some of the actors are and how the takes used were clearly botched, but not enough to really dial up the fun factor much. Using the worst possible takes is wacky, but Anna has little else to offer in terms of craziness or even mildly fun moments.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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