Plot: Jake Raye (Don “The Dragon” Wilson) is a world class martial artist with few peers, but he has retired from active competition. He still has the skills to take on the best in the world, but his last match was so brutal, he had enough. His opponent used performance enhancements, but instead of helping him, the drugs caused him to not know when to quit, so he took too much punishment. Jake begged the referee to end the fight, but in the end, his opponent was killed in the match. Now Jake is inactive, but when he gets a call from his old friend Vinny (Maurice Smith) and is asked to come lend a hand, he agrees, though reluctantly. It seems as though Vinny is in too deep with bookies and could be in some serious trouble, so he reaches out to Jake. But is the situation as simple as it seems or has Jake walked into much than he bargained for?

Entertainment Value: I love martial arts b movies, especially ones with Don “The Dragon” Wilson in the lead, so of course I have a soft spot for the Bloodfist series, which has an exhaustive run of sequels. Bloodfist II is stands out from the pack however, as Wilson reprises the same role as the original Bloodfist, whereas future sequels would find him as new characters. The narrative finds Wilson once again drawn into a brutal martial arts tournament and while that premise is a familiar one, it is a great approach for these kind of movies. This kind of story ensures ample fight scenes are involved and most likely a cast of colorful combatants, as the tournament element means all kinds of warriors show up. That is the case here, with a number of real life martial artists on the cast and that include Maurice Smith, who has a high profile in the early days the UFC. I can’t say these martial artists are good actors, but they’re enthusiastic and fun to watch, while rock solid in the action scenes. The tone is b movie all the way, with overly dramatic moments and a fair amount of cheese, but for fans of 90s b movie action and Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Bloodfist II is solid fun.

There’s a topless scene early on, as Wilson dismisses a hooker after a phone call lights the fuse on the narrative. Just this once instance of some light sleaze, but two breasts are better than none, right? There’s a slight romance thread later on, but it never amounts to much. As for blood, there’s an impalement by spear that stands out, while the rest of the violence is more action related. The fight scenes are simple, but well staged and fun to watch. I also like that there is some wackiness involved, like various professional wrestling style move on frequent showcase. I mean, at one point a guy just delivers a straight up suplex to his opponent, in a brutal martial arts showdown. That’s pretty cool, if you ask me. The dialogue has the requisite tough guy talk, as well as some b movie cheese style lines, so there’s some fun stuff here. Not as much wild or quotable material as I’d like, but some bright spots. As for craziness, the movie never really goes over the top in insane ways, but the general b movie cheese elements are enough to earn a point on the scale.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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