Plot: A young woman (Emily Blunt) is headed home from college for winter break, but she really doesn’t want to have to take the bus. After a friend suggests she check the ride share board, she does and finds one person traveling to Delaware, so she makes the arrangements to hitch a ride. A young man (Ashton Holmes) arrives in a beat up old car to transport her and she is irritated from the start, being cold to him and looking down on all aspects of his person. She doesn’t even want to talk to him, but he insists and she finally agrees to some small talk. When he opts to leave the main road for a more scenic route, she flips out, but has little time to berate him, as the two are soon run off the road and stranded in the bitter cold. With no phone signal, a broken down car, and what seems to be miles of isolation around, they try to stay warm and survive the night, but are they truly alone in the cold?

Entertainment Value: Wind Chill starts off with some promise, as we have a basic bitch stuck on a road trip with a total creeper, which leads to some tense, awkward moments and odd atmosphere. Emily Blunt is such a shrill, unlikable bitch here that it defuses a lot of the tension, but the dynamic is fun and the interaction between the two leads to some decent mood. In the wake of the car accident, things take a sharp turn into more of a survival horror direction, which shows some sparks of interest at times, but never gets much momentum. I think part of the reason Wind Chill fails is because Blunt is such an annoying presence here, which means we don’t care about her survival and that once again defuses the tension. I mean, she really nails the role and makes you dislike her, but it’s an odd choice for a lead role. Ashton Holmes is a competent creep, while Martin Donovan provides the most solid performance of the movie. Wind Chill has some minor positives at times, but overall winds up as a mediocre thriller with one of the most harsh performances ever.

No nakedness. This one has no sexual content, so of course there’s no naked flesh involved, right? Our creeper has a light obsession with our bitch, but it never goes much further beyond the friend zone and desperate, almost frozen to death declarations of last minute devotion. Some mild violence unfolds, but aside from one instance when a disfigured face is shown, there’s no bloodshed or gore involved. Some frozen bodies can be seen, but there’s nothing graphic about the corpses, just slightly eerie in some cases. So a little spookiness here and there, but no real blood and just one memorable makeup effect to mention. The dialogue is forgettable, but Blunt is so unpleasant and unlikable, her lines pack some fun. She is ripe with bitchiness and dysfunction, which is a nice combination. Not much craziness to speak of, but Blunt is such an epic bitch, that earns a point on the scale.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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