Plot: The Prince (Don Sparks) has just turned twenty-one, but the celebration is short lived, thanks to the pressures of his station in life. If he is to rule the kingdom, he needs to prove his manhood and sexual potency, as he will need to produce an heir, so he has to be up to the romantic task at hand. But the Prince has little interest in the carnal delights, as he has a vision of his dream woman and short of her idyllic presence, no other woman will suffice. But in order to save his princely position and empire, he sets off to explore the world and sow his wild oats, with a kingdom full of willing lasses to share his bed. But even with the likes of Little Bo Peep and Snow White up for grabs, can the Price finally prove he can seal the deal?

Entertainment Value: As the title suggests, Adult Fairy Tales is indeed a more grown up, sex driven look at the world of fairy tale characters. So imagine some of those beloved fairy tale women in the middle of a bawdy musical, with dirty lyrics and naked flesh on frequent showcase. The tone here is light and brisk, with a silly sense of humor and despite the rampant nudity involved, even the sexual element follows that approach, just bursts of fun erotica. The sense of humor is in line with dirty old man style jokes, but even if you don’t laugh from the dusty humor, you might appreciate the over the top, enthusiastic performances. But if you don’t like sex jokes, dirty rhymes, and burlesque style musical routines, you might feel more flaccid than the Prince himself. The movie has a brisk pace and never lingers too long on one scene, so when combined with an under 90 minute run time, that means Adult Fairy Tales doesn’t outstay its welcome or feel drawn out. The cast is either hilariously good or hilariously bad, depending on your perspective, but regardless of which side you fall on, you should be able to find some laughs in their work here. Of special note is Linnea Quigley, who has one of her earliest roles in this one. If you like silly, sex driven comedies and wacky musicals, Adult Fairy Tales is well worth a look.

As this is a whimsical, erotic musical, it stands to reason there would be ample nudity and the movie does indeed deliver on that front. This includes almost constant full female nudity, with bare breasts and asses on consistent showcase, as well as a lot of full frontal shots, none of which are brief. So if you don’t like the naked female form or have an aversion to old school bush, you can always watch through hands, as those elements are here in spades. The men disrobe as well, but we just see some bare asses from them and overall, the sex scenes are rather tame in nature. The camera ensures the naughtiest of sights are obscured, but there’s a lot of entangled bodies here, including some wild group situations. No blood. There’s no real violence here, so it makes sense there’s no bloodshed. The dialogue is pretty much an endless chain of sex jokes, some told in normal fashion and others in more musical methods. The jokes are broad and silly, which some will love and others will groan at. But as I said before, the cast is quite game and tries to make the most of the material, turning in energetic performances that embrace the silliness. The goofy songs alone earn a couple points, not to mention the dirty old man jokes that pop up often. As for craziness, aside from the rampant nudity and silly tone, this one isn’t all that crazy, just a on the wackier side of the erotic realm of cinema.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

The Disc: 88 Films provides us a new transfer restored from the original negative, so fans should be quite pleased. The source has some inherent softness, but there’s good detail and the film’s vivid color palette is well replicated. This is the best I’ve seen the movie look, a nice upgrade over the DVD versions out there. The extras include an audio commentary with Charles Band and writer Frank Ray Perilli, who share first hand information about the production, while the film’s trailer is also on deck.

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