Plot: After her mother took her own life, Elle Spencer (Jessica Sipos) has harbored immense resentment toward her stepfather David (Linden Ashby), as she blames him for her mother’s death. She would love to take out that resentment on him somehow, but she needs a way to get payback, but also make sure whatever happens can’t be traced back to her. But she has devised quite a plan, one that centers on her troubled friend Anna (Sierra Wooldridge), who is about to be released from jail. Anna was locked up for a DUI, but has found that most people have turned their backs on her, so she is receptive when Elle reaches out to her. Elle helps her to adjust to life on the outside and line up new prospects, all the while planning how to use Anna in her diabolical plot to settle the score with her stepfather. Will her plan unfold just as she anticipates, or will Anna figure things out before it is too late?

Entertainment Value: As a Lifetime movie addict, I don’t mind the tried and true formula the network uses for its melodramatic thrillers, but it is nice when some fresh ingredients are mixed in. A Daughter’s Revenge stays within the general framework we’re used to, but having our psycho be a diabolical puppet master is a nice twist that brings some fresh energies. The narrative is still pure Lifetime however, with a good amount of melodrama, an unstable female, and a man targeted for destruction, just with some new paint in places. Jessica Sipos plays the psycho and amps up the melodrama, so she is a lot of fun to watch here. She embraces the villain role and that makes even the normal moments with her fun, as she is always right on the brink of some kind of emotional meltdown. The supporting cast is also quite good, with Linden Ashby, Sierra Woolridge, Claire Rankin, and Tonya Kay in prominent roles. I do think the pace could be a little snappier, but overall I think A Daughter’s Revenge is a fun thriller that Lifetime fans should appreciate.

No nakedness. This is one of the rare Lifetime thrillers with no real romance or light sleaze involved, for better or worse. No blood, but we have the usual Lifetime style tension and mild violence, in small doses. A whack job like Elle is bound to lose it at some point and lash out, right? The dialogue is fun, between Elle’s obsessive rants and her slick ways of covering her tracks, moving between blatant insanity and that vulnerable side that helps her lure in trust. Then we also have concerned loved ones to bask in, plus some solid melodrama throughout. The lines aren’t as wild as some Lifetime pictures, but there’s some fun in here. That trend continues in the overall craziness, as the melodrama and Sipos’ terrific psycho performance add some wackiness, but this one isn’t as unhinged as Lifetime’s wildest adventures. But even so, fans of melodramatic thrillers should find a to like here.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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