Plot: As artificial intelligence gains momentum, some worry that humans will be mere bystanders as the world is overtaken by mechanical overlords. In an effort to find some ways to avoid that fate, a research group off Africa’s coast are working to develop a smarter shark. If the experiment pays off, it is hoped the research can then be applied to humans and in the process, keep mankind ahead of the A.I. curve. Carl Durant (Michael Beach) is the eccentric pharmaceutical  kingpin behind the project and to show off his progress, he invites a colorful group of visitors to the research station. The new arrivals include experts on sharks and neuroscience, which could come in handy, given that the head trainer is noting some odd behavior in the main test shark. Durant insists the project is safe, but can anyone truly control a vicious bull shark?

Entertainment Value: Deep Blue Sea was a fun, memorable b movie, but this direct to video sequel brings little to the table and isn’t able to provide even a fraction of the fun found in the original. The narrative is pretty much a new take on the same premise as the first movie, but lacks the b movie vibes and in the end, is more dull than wild or even watchable. The few bright spots are obvious lifts from other, better aquatic themed movies, which is a shame. I don’t mind when a movie borrows or pays tribute to another flick, but at least do the scene some justice and with Deep Blue Sea 2, these lifted scenes are a pale imitation. The lone highlight is the inclusion of a swarm of miniature sharks, but even the movie fails to capitalize. I love killer shark movies and when animals attack inspired mayhem, but Deep Blue Sea 2 is a total dud.

No nakedness. This one is populated by shark attacks, but reels in the bloodshed and even when there is some red stuff, the deaths are creative or fun. I mean, the movie fails to make a pack of tiny sharks fun to watch and to me, that seems like a can’t miss lead in to fun, creative kills. So yes, we have some shark bites and the related violence, but this is all CGI and low end visuals effects at that. So the few moments that at least splash some blood around look abysmal, thanks to what looks liked rushed, video game level visual effects work. A little bloodier than the average SyFy shark attack flick perhaps, but still a let down. The dialogue is bland and forgettable, thanks to dull as dishwater characters and a script made of tepid oatmeal. The same holds true for the craziness, but I will award one point for the swarm of tiny sharks, even though the movie lets the little guys go to waste.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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