Plot: After an extensive chase, witch hunter Redferne (Richard E. Grant) has tracked and captured the notorious Warlock (Julian Sands), who is now confined to a prison tower until he can be executed. But when a supernatural torrent is unleashed around the tower, Warlock is able to escape and travel through a mystical portal, though Referne runs in right behind him. The portal takes them both from the 1690s to the 1980s, where Warlock is able to act upon some of his darker impulses and leaves behind a trail of blood and battered corpses. Once Redferne lands on the other side, he follows the trail and is still determined to take down Warlock once and for all, regardless of what time period it happens in. Meanwhile, Warlock seeks to unite a trio of unholy artifacts and in the process, unlock even greater powers of evil. Can Redferne track him down once again and this time, finish what he started?

Entertainment Value: Warlock is an odd duck, as it seems like it would be a supernatural horror movie, but it is more of a cocktail of genres, with horror, romance, action, and of course, comedy all represented. I love the movie, as it is such a strange concoction, but manages to keep your attention and deliver entertainment, even as it more or less stumbles from scene to scene. In the rare moments when the material hasn’t run off the rails, stars Julian Sands and Richard E. Grant dial up the camp and make sure even basic moments are ridiculous. Both embrace the absurd tone of the material and their theatrics are a sight to behold, while Lori Singer is terrible, but in the kind of way that is often hilarious. And of course, Mary Woronov works wonders in her small role and provides a memorable turn, so in terms of the cast, I think a colorful, game group was assembled here. Those in search of real scares or a serious horror ride might be let down here, but I think anyone who appreciates the wackier side of the genre should have a blast with Warlock.

No nakedness. The sexual tension between Warlock and the witch hunter is palpable, but goes unfulfilled. There is some fun violence however and even some mild bloodshed, so that spices things up a little. This includes sharp objects to the foot, eyes being removed, an unfortunate weather vane incident, and crying blood, as well as more minor moments of violence and mayhem. There’s some fights of course, as both women and men are slapped around, with some light blood as a result. Not a blood soaked ride, but some nice bursts of violence to be enjoyed here. There’s also fun makeup work here, including some laughable aging techniques. This one has some great dialogue, which is made even better thanks to a cast that runs with the offbeat tone and makes the most of the lines. Richard E. Grant is a minor quote machine here, with a wealth of shining moments, but the interactions between Julian Sands and really anyone are quite the experience as well. Just hilarious and sometimes awkward stuff that never fails to entertain, super fun script here. On the craziness scale, the tonal shifts, odd sense of humor, and dialed up performances ensure this one scores some solid points, even if it never commits to total insanity.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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