Plot: A man (James Bell) opens his veins and shoots himself in the head, in a violent and brutal suicide. This sparks a torrent of visions that could be his past, future, or deep, dark secrets. These visions are hyper violent and center on the man harming himself or a woman, with ever more twisted methods. As the violence escalates, it seems as if there is no end to the sadistic torment the man is willing to inflict, as he puts himself and the woman through hellish experiences.

Entertainment Value: Tantrum is a short film that runs just over half an hour and is beyond relentless, with no time wasted and a constant parade of blood, torture, and nightmarish elements. The movie begins with a man killing himself and while there’s not a traditional narrative, the film deals with a series of horrific visions he experiences that involve himself and a woman. Tantrum doesn’t use the usual narrative approach, but it still feels cohesive and flows well, so it never comes across like random or unrelated scenes, which is impressive. I’m sure some will dismiss Tantrum as simple gore or shock value, but I found it to have a strong artistic presence and some of the more surreal visual elements are especially memorable. To me, Tantrum is a highly creative and remarkable creation, so even if you’re not a horror fan, there is reason to look into this one. But as I said, some will just see the blood and violence and not be able to get past that, so clearly Tantrum isn’t a mass appeal creation. It is however a powerful, creative vision that anyone with an interest in horror, dark art, or outsider cinema should be able to appreciate.

This movie has some of the strangest sexual moments around, from penis mutilation to a man fucking a woman’s exposed brain. These are presented in vivid, graphic fashion, with some impressive prosthetic effects. The movie also has some female skin on showcase, but not that much. There is a tidal wave of blood however, with an almost constant presence of violence and over the top gore. The effects look good for the most part and even the ones that aren’t as impressive yield entertainment, for either the shock value or creative nature of the execution. This includes the aforementioned penis trauma and brain being penetrated, as well as geysers of blood from grievous wounds, a wild scene involving a cross and copious amounts of anal bleeding, and a host of other blood drenched, graphic gore that genre fans should love. There is more blood and gore in this half hour of Tantrum than ten normal horror movies combined, so it does not disappoint there. No dialogue in this one, just intense and horrific visuals to weave the fabric of the experience. As for craziness, Tantrum is packed with surreal visuals, graphic violence, and eye popping moments, all presented in this relentless and artistic vision. In other words, there is not a single moment in this movie that feels normal or mainstream, so it earns some high marks.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 10/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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