Plot: Blue Bay is an affluent, exclusive area populated by powerful, wealthy people, the kind who don’t appreciate outsiders or anyone who threatens to shatter the illusion of their ideal world. So when guidance counselor Sam Lombardo (Matt Dillon) is accused of raping rich girl Kelly Van Ryan (Denis Richards), he is ostracized and things only get worse when a second accuser comes forward. Suzie (Neve Campbell) is from the poorer end of Blue Bay, so she doesn’t have the social push of Kelly, but her claim essentially dooms Lombardo. But despite how things look, Lombardo’s lawyer Ken (Bill Murray) insists he can handle the case and break down the accusers, but even if he does clear his name, Lombardo would be a pariah. When the case goes to trial and some shocking admissions surface, it becomes clear there is more to the situation than anyone could have expected. But as things get more and more complicated, who is really pulling the strings and can anyone be trusted?

Entertainment Value: An erotic thriller with some camp vibes and a neo-noir texture, Wild Things is most remembered for a wild threesome, but there is more here than some flashes of naked flesh. The narrative seems simple enough, but goes for broke and throws in more twists, turns, and double crosses than the law should allow. I mean, this movie has so many betrayals and reveals, it becomes almost parody at times, as trust becomes nonexistent and no one is safe. Now all of these twists might be convoluted and make little sense, but it is all in good fun and Wild Things has that b movie noir feel that values entertainment over logic. And the movie does make an effort to tie up some loose ends, so at least an attempt is made to bring some sense to the nonstop parade of reveals and betrayals. The cast embraces the b movie texture, turning in dialed up, melodrama laced performances. Denise Richards as the spoiled rich girl, Neve Campbell as the girl from the wrong side of the tracks, Matt Dillon as the douche, and Kevin Bacon as the asshole cop, a fun cast that delivers. So if you appreciate sleaze, erotic thrillers, or b movie inspired, melodramatic neo-noir, Wild Things doesn’t disappoint and earns a high recommendation.

The scene everyone remembers is the threesome, which features some wonderful girl on girl kissing and champagne covered breasts. But aside from some quick topless moments, the scene isn’t graphic and honestly, I think most remember it as more wild than it is, because it is a hot scene, but not that intense. There’s also some other topless scenes, an ever so brief view of a guy’s balls while a woman rides him, and of course, Kevin Bacon shows his semi to the world. There’s also a lot of tease style sleaze, though a car wash sequence proves to be a disappointment from that perspective. Some mild violence unfolds, but it is non graphic and most of the more grisly elements happen off screen. But we do have a speargun incident, some amateur dentistry, as well as a fun swimming pool catfight sequence. The dialogue has melodrama, dysfunction, and of course, a lot of innuendo. Denise Richards gets a lot of great lines here, but so do Bill Murray and Kevin Bacon. Bacon’s dead serious performance makes his campy lines even more fun. As for craziness, the constant reveals and double crosses add some fun, as does the overall b movie vibe, but Wild Things remained rooted in the erotic thriller/neo-noir realm.

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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