Plot: Max Dire (Mario Van Peebles) is a cop who just lost his partner Jim (Tony Denison), after he was gunned down in a wild shootout. This leaves Max crushed, but he is soon shocked to see that Jim is still alive, in good health, and back on the beat. Not just that, but he seems be better than ever and capable of some physical feats Max had no idea he could pull off. But his behavior is reckless and erratic, which leads to him taking his own life soon after his return. Max is taken aside Dr. Garou (Bruce Payne), who counsels cops in tough situations or with problematic histories, to help them improve and be more of an asset to the department. He also learns that Garou’s officers have unique skills thanks to a mysterious injection they’ve all taken, which gives them added strength, speed, and toughness. At first he resists the temptation, but when he starts to fall for one of the crew, Max finds himself part of the lineup. But what is the truth behind Garou’s special unit and has Max signed on for more than he bargained for?

Entertainment Value: I love the premise of an elite squad of werewolf cops and Full Eclipse delivers on that concept with all the enthusiasm you’d expect from a made for cable 90s movie. The narrative is outlandish of course, but it does what it needs to do, which is prepare the runway for a wild ride. The pace is brisk and there’s minimal filler, while the movie blends in a good amount of bloodshed, oddball moments, and a sincere tone that makes things all the more fun and ridiculous. The serious tone is a boon for Full Eclipse, as it ensures the entertainment never ends, as who doesn’t love a sincere movie about werewolf detectives, right? Mario Van Peebles is a rock solid lead, while Bruce Payne hams it up as our villain and believe me, this kind of tale needs that kind of bad guy performance. The movie has light horror, a slice of romance, and a good deal of action, so this one has a little of it all and regardless of what kind of approach is taken, the fun never stops here. If you’re a fan of b movies or action/horror hybrids, Full Eclipse is highly recommended.

An interesting sex scene unfolds, but no naked flesh. But the passion is so intense, the female can barely keep her animal instincts in check and trust me, you don’t want this girl’s nails down your back. This one has a consistent flow of crimson, thanks to a lot of splashy squibs and frequent gun battles. A lot of the shootouts involve the old “jump forward with two guns blazing, then fall on the ground routine,” which is a gas. Most of the bullet wounds are nice, big gushes of the red stuff, which are always fun to watch. There’s also some werewolf related violence that is uncorked, with savage bites and slashes, both of which also get the crimson running. While most of the effects look quite good, including the makeup used on the elite wolf cops, the outrageous final form of Garou is hilariously bad, with a CGI transition that is a rough one. But it is still a fun sequence and as such, I think we can roll with the terrible visual effects involved. This one has some great dialogue, with tough guy talk and some epic villain banter from Garou, who is the source of the most of the wilder lines. His interactions with Max are some of the best scenes dialogue wise, just super fun b movie style exchanges. On the craziness scale, there’s enough b movie wackiness to earn a few points, but this one rarely gets all that insane in its approach.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 6/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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