Plot: As if the creature hasn’t been through enough, a new squad of scientists aims to capture him once again. When the team tracks him down, the creature ends up on fire and suffers severe burns. His gills have been damaged, which means he can’t breathe like he used to, but an eccentric scientist has a plan. An operation is undertaken to restore use of the creature’s lungs and in the process, perhaps even domesticate the once feral beast. The surgery works and the creature is able to breathe while on land, which leads to some odd elements, such as the creature starting to wear clothes and be brought into more social elements. But can the creature become part of the human world or will he revert back to his wild ways, sooner or later?

Entertainment Value: The Creature Walks Among Us delivers on the promise of its title, as the creature does indeed walk among the humans, even putting on some lame clothes to better fit in. This is the strangest installment in the series, as the narrative drops the horror threads and focuses on social elements, which doesn’t provide much in terms of entertainment or fun. I mean, the concept is so bizarre and poorly handled, it leads to some unintentional humor, but overall I found this movie to be the weakest in the series and of little more than curio value. Once the creature goes wild again, things pick up and the horror vibes return, but honestly this is better served as a b movie, camp driven experience. I do appreciate how much sympathy the movie is able to muster for the creature, as he suffers throughout the narrative and even in the finale, is faced with an uncertain path forward. So while I can’t recommend this as strongly as the others in the series, The Creature Walks Among Us has some interesting ideas and is best visited for the b movie elements involved.

No nakedness. Once again the series shoehorns in a love triangle and it falls flat here, to say the least. But the ladies love the creature, so I suppose a love interest had to be put in there, regardless. No blood. The creature does rampage with some mild violence and fiery wrath, but this is the 50s, so no graphic bloodshed. The creature sports a new look here as well, thanks to his baptism by fire and while the original look is iconic, I think this new spin is a lot of fun. That could be due to how hilarious he looks while wearing human clothes, I suppose. The dialogue is basic and not all that memorable, with little spark or enthusiasm involved. Even our mad scientist is fairly bland, which is a shame, as that archetype is rich with maniacal potential. As for craziness, it is fun to see the creature dressed up and all, but aside from that and some unintentional b movie laughs, this one isn’t all that wild.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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