Plot: After a close call in Sexy Hell, Ebee and the others managed to escape back into the real world, while Lucy (Mindy Robinson) discovers that while she expected Sexy Hell to be a hedonistic dream, that isn’t the case. As she plots to escape and exact some revenge, Ebee concocts a plan of her own, as she wants to head where the weed is strong and the parties are epic, Las Vegas. The crew winds up running into a host of familiar faces, going to a paranormal hotel, watch puppets fuck, and in the case of a certain clown and the Gingerweed Man, romance even blossoms. But Lucy is determined to get her revenge, so can Ebee and the others avoid a lethal fate in Sin City?

Entertainment Value: The seventh film in the Evil Bong franchise has arrived and as expected, it follows in the footsteps of most of the previous entries. This means a brisk pace, a lot of callbacks to previous movies in the series, some boobs, slapstick humor, and of course, a lot of weed jokes. The Evil Bong movies seem to get shorter each time out and in this case, the film clocks in at under an hour. That includes credits and a flashback sequence, so this is a brief, but concentrated movie. The narrative is more or less nonexistent, with all of the usual suspects going from set piece to set piece in Vegas, while Lucy plots her revenge. So this is just a chance to see Rabbit and the others again and have a few laughs, so there’s not much substance and at just under an hour, not room for much to start with. But the humor is constant and fans of the previous movies should appreciate the jokes here, as it is similar material and a lot of callbacks. Sonny Carl Davis as always steals the show, but Robin Sydney is also quite hilarious at times, though I didn’t care for Mindy Robinson in this one. In the end, Evil Bong 777 feels more like a short film than a full length feature, but it knows what its audience wants and delivers it here.

This sequel seems to up the sleaze, with several topless scenes and even a couple of full frontal shots included. The highlights involve the Gingerweed Man, who has some fairly vivid sex with a hottie, then gets molested by a topless Robin Sydney. No blood. Aside from some comic pratfalls, this one has no violence, mild or otherwise. But given the light, silly tone involved, the lack of crimson is never an issue. The dialogue is just what you’d expect, with a parade of bad jokes, weed related humor, and random comments, most of which elicits at least a chuckle. I like the cheese laden script here, especially when it leads to Rabbit’s one liners or more “boop” related humor than one movie should be able to withstand. This one isn’t all that crazy, but it does offer a lot of wackiness, wild lines, and colorful characters. So despite the zany tones, some good bursts of madness shine through here.

Nudity: 5/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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