Plot: Aubrey (Jen Lilley) is pregnant and couldn’t be more thrilled, while her husband Matt (Corin Nemec) is shaken by the news. He is nervous about the baby’s arrival and how well he can support a family, as well as the general changes that come when a child is added to a household. He writes for a popular television show, but he dreams of a more ambitious career than a sitcom scripter. The two soon meet their OBGYN Dr. Natalie Barnes (Dina Meyer), a beautiful and charismatic doctor who seems to be all anyone could want in a healthcare provider. But while she seems kind and friendly on the outside, on the inside she has already marked Matt to be hers and that unborn baby, well she wants that too. Soon she begins to inject herself into the couple’s lives even outside the doctor’s office, seducing Matt and manipulating Aubrey into thinking she is a new friend. But how far will Natalie take her obsession and what will it cost this couple on the brink of a new family?

Entertainment Value: Now this is a Lifetime movie! A wild narrative that overflows with melodrama and twists, with a villain that is so charismatic and likable, you can’t help but root for her. Evil Doctor is a Lifetime masterpiece, it hits all the notes fans of the channel’s melodramatic thrillers could want and then some, dialing up all the madness to high levels. An obsessed woman driven past her breaking point, a naive wife carrying her first child, a shady, selfish husband, this is all classic Lifetime and Evil Doctor makes all those tumblers fall into the proper places. The pace is blistering, so there is no down time or filler in this one, things push forward at a brisk clip and escalate until we reach the boiling point. In short, this is an insanely fun movie that amplifies what people love about these kind of thrillers, while excising the dull elements and filler, pretty much an ideal melodramatic thriller from Lifetime. Dina Meyer turns in a Hall of Fame effort as our villain, so much charm and charisma, you end up wanting to see her win, which is a testament to Meyer’s performance. I’ve seen a lot of epic Lifetime psychos and without question, Meyer’s Natalie is one of the all time greats. In the end, for those who love a melodrama laced, over the top thriller like only Lifetime can provide, Evil Doctor earns our highest recommendation.

No nakedness. But Evil Doctor does add some light sleaze into the mix, including a wild fantasy scene where Aubrey imagines that Natalie is pleasuring her during an exam, then Natalie lays out a seduction scene that involves her almost naked on an exam style table. These aren’t just cheap thrills either, as both scenes speak to the seductive powers of Natalie and how she is able to use her sexual attractiveness to her advantage, great stuff here. There’s some mild violence of course, but no real bloodshed happens, at least not on screen. Evil Doctor is more focused on seduction than violence, but there’s still a good sense of dread and impending chaos. The dialogue is fantastic here, with Meyer getting a wealth of great moments to shine in. She is fierce and ice cold at times, with fun interactions where she either lulls in those who suspect her or unleashes fire on those who question her. I also think Aubrey’s sister is a bright spot, with her no nonsense persona that sees right through Natalie’s facade. On the craziness scale, this one is loaded with wild melodrama, big twists, and one of the best, most outrageous villains in Lifetime history, so it earns some solid points. Natalie alone dials up the score, with her outlandish behavior and manic, out of control moments, all of which are beyond fun to watch unfold.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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