Plot: Cecile (Lina Romay) and Brigitte (Lynn Monteil) have been detained for lewd activities, thanks to their notorious lesbian strip show. The public indecencies have the girls facing a year in prison, but after an awkward performance for some government officials, freedom is just around the corner. The girls have been offered a release from prison in exchange for their cooperation in a crucial case, which will task them to venture to the Canary Islands as undercover operatives. A sex slavery ring is in full bloom there and the strippers need to infiltrate the ranks, gather data, and snap photos of the organization. As it turns out, a sadistic husband and wife run the slave trade and while they torment a new acquisition, our strippers attempt to turn a gay man straight through repeated rape sessions. As the girls are pulled into a web of politics, sex, and hypnotic jewelry, can they somehow crack the case?

Entertainment Value: An erotic thriller that has frequent sleaze, bizarre plot twists, and a mind melting atmosphere, Two Female Spies with Flowered Panties could only have been the creation of Jess Franco. The narrative is outlandish, as two dim bulb strippers are recruited to take down a sex slave operation, but that is just the framework in which the sex and oddities take place. The movie veers off from the spy movie elements often, but then takes hard turns back toward that direction, such as the oddball helicopter scenes with a half naked woman running from airborne assassins. The narrative touches on some sensitive, dark issues at times, especially the sex trade, but the tone is wildly inconsistent and jumps between ludicrous slapstick and darker sadistic elements. This might derail some movies, but this is a Jess Franco picture and the surreal touches and tonal shifts just add to the good times. I am sure some will dislike the madness and silliness, but I think it is a fun ride and offers the kind of cinematic experience only Franco could provide. If you appreciate wild, artistic, and sometimes baffling movies, this one is well recommended.

While not as graphic or explicit as some of Franco’s work, this movie has a good amount of sleaze and some memorable sexual moments. The striptease routine done for the official toward the film’s start is so outlandish and awkward, it is beyond words, while a narrative thread also follows the girls’ attempts to convert a gay man, trying to use their bodies to turn him. The movie also has an extended closeup of a knife grazing a woman’s vagina, scenes of sadistic sexual excesses, and of course, lesbian encounters and group sex scenarios. The skin flows like wine and again, while not all that graphic, the sexual content is a consistent presence here. No blood. The bizarre helicopter gun fights aside, the movie is light on violence and more focused on the sex, so it is more surreal than violent. The dialogue is the English language track is absurd, outrageous, and always quite hilarious. The banter between characters is riotous as times, perhaps a little nonsensical as well, but immense fun. A man informs a girl he is a senator from California, to which she expresses her delight to meet someone from Texas, as she loves cowboys and westerns. Just one example of the ludicrous exchanges you’ll find in this one, super fun stuff. As for craziness, we have a sex trade operation that hinges on the hypnotic power of a magic ring, a flood of outlandish dialogue, wild tonal swings, and surreal moments. I wouldn’t rank this with Franco’s most insane work, but it is quite offbeat and earns some solid points.

Nudity: 8/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 8/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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