Plot: In one of the most volatile locales in the Middle East, a crucial gas pipeline has to be protected to ensure some level of control in the area. To that end, elite level snipers have been dispatched to the region, with Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins) and Richard Miller (Billy Zane) at the lead. In addition to several sniper squads, more rank & file armed forces have been sent in to secure the location, but losses have been substantial and inexplicable. A rival sniper seems to be on the hunt, but he is able to pinpoint the military units with unnerving speed and accuracy, as if he knows where they’ll be even before they do. This leads some to think there has been a mole leaking information or at least some kind of hacking operation, but as officials drag their feet, more dead bodies pile up in the field. Can Brandon and Richard survive long enough to uncover the truth and if so, will they find more than they bargained for?

Entertainment Value: This is the sixth installment in the Sniper franchise and while several familiar faces return, we are once again without the presence of franchise star Tom Berenger. His absence is a loss, as he always manages to elevate the volumes he is part of, with his weathered, burned out veteran routine. But while Berenger isn’t here, Chad Michael Collins is back again, while Billy Zane and Dennis Haysbert also return, so it has strong connections to the other movies in the series. The narrative here is fine and sets up the action well, while also giving us some solid tension and more development between Brandon and Richard. I always appreciate when the sniper element is a focus and Ghost Shooter keeps that aspect of battle in the forefront, so those who missed the sniper duels should be pleased here. I think the cast is solid here and even Zane seems to be on his mark here, turning in a fun, energetic effort that adds to the movie and helps compensate for Berenger’s absence. Ghost Shooter isn’t as tight and tense as the original Sniper, but it is a solid action/thriller with a fun cast and a welcome shift further back toward the sniper fueled battles. If you’re a fan of the Sniper franchise, this is one of the better installments.

No nakedness. This is all about the bros, not the hos, so the romance takes a backseat to the more violent action elements. A good amount of blood is on showcase here, but sadly, it is all rather bland CGI effects. I do appreciate the nice bursts of crimson on a slick head shot, however. A lot of kills produce a splash of CGI bloodshed, so at least some effort was made to juice up the violence, even if it looks rather low end. As we don’t score CGI blood with full points, that is reflected in the score. The dialogue is passable, but doesn’t have much that is memorable or fun aside from some run of the mill tough guy talk and military lingo. Zane has a few nice moments however, which he makes the most of thanks to his dialed up performance. No real craziness here, as this one stays grounded and never goes over the top or off the deep end.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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