Entertainment Value: Law & Orgasm has an epic title, but isn’t a spoof of the popular television series and instead, offers an erotic thriller that is ludicrous at times, but also solid fun. The story starts off halfway serious, as a high profile murder case unfolds, but of course, the movie soon takes some odd turns thanks to the need to shoehorn in sex scenes often. But I think that just adds to the fun, as it means some ridiculous transitions and offbeat character behavior. Such as when a detective visits a person of interest for a routine interview, but things turn into a romp with an underage girl and the detective using her pillow talk as evidence. So while the focus is clearly on getting from one sex scene to another, the in-between sequences are sometimes a lot of fun and result in some humorous situations. But the movie seems to keep a straight face throughout and that sincere approach just makes things even more outlandish, driven by the silly narrative turns and questionable performances. But that assumes you are open to softcore porn in the first place, let alone strange legal drama driven softcore like this. If you appreciate talkative lays, detective stories in your erotica, or movies with wild titles, Law & Orgasm is worth a look.

As this is a late night, softcore porn, there is a good amount of nakedness involved, but the camera ensures it never gets too vivid. In other words, a lot of breasts and bare asses, but not much graphic full frontal in this one. No penile exposure and the female full frontal is brief and non invasive. The men and women of Law & Orgasm are naked often, but the camera uses creative angles to keep things mysterious. If you’re a veteran of this kind of softcore action, then you know the usual tricks of the trade to keep the naughtiest bits under wraps. But the sex scenes are frequent and quite involved, so those looking for breezy sleaze, you’ll find it here. No blood. This one has some roughness and betrayals thrown in at times, but no violence. The dialogue is every bit as silly and hilarious as you’d expect from a sexual legal thriller, made even better by how sincere most of the performances are. This one has moments of humor, cringe, and just mind boggling dialogue, some fun stuff. There’s some hilarious erotic talk during a couple of the sex scenes, especially in the first one where a girl just never shuts up, rattling off constant commentary. Aside from how silly the premise is, the movie earns some craziness points for the outlandish scenarios of some scenes, as well as how seriously the whole narrative is presented.

Nudity: 9/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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