Plot: The legends tell of a hidden treasure at a New Jersey high school, a secret stash lorded over by the school’s janitor. When some ne’er do wells bust in and try to find the loot for themselves, some chemicals are spilled in the ruckus and leak into the school’s water supply. The toxic water soon begins to turn students into zombies and of course, the swim team is the first to be infected. The swimmers start to feast upon their fellow students, but there is some hope, as the school happens to be home to a couple of horror movie nerds, who know all about zombies. Meanwhile Joe Franklin is concerned and listens to some awful jokes, while the students are stalked and devoured by the hideous monsters. Can the horror nerds save the school and become heroes, or will the zombies overtake the hallways for good?

Entertainment Value: Ghoul School is a micro-budget horror/comedy that is so bad at times, you can’t help but have fun. The scene between Joe Franklin and Jackie Martling is so cringe level, it reaches a point of almost brilliance, then rockets back into cringe just as quickly. In other words, I loved that sequence. The story is simple, but sets up the horror, bloodshed, and bad jokes, which is about all we need here. The premise of horror geeks to the rescue is fun as well, especially with Ghoul School coming just after the 80s tidal wave of genre flicks. The movie is on the short side and runs at a brisk clip, so while some segments bomb, it is never dull and doesn’t linger. In other words, you might groan at one scene, but it is overly quickly and you can soon groan at the next one. This is not likely to win over those who need serious or polished cinema, as it looks and feels like a low rent production, but to me, there is charm in that. Ivan Sergei even pops up here, as well as Mary Hunter, adding a little fun. I think Ghoul School embraces its shortcomings and has enough charm to offer a fun ride for those who can appreciate bad, but goofy indie horror.

No nakedness. A good amount of low rent bloodshed is showcased however, with splashy kills and wounds involved. The gore looks cheap, as you’d expect, but is fun to watch and Ghoul School is generous with the carnage, so you get quantity, even if the quality isn’t up there. Rubber limbs and hilarious decapitations are involved, but some of the effects work is quite solid, though inconsistent. But given the tone of the movie, this kind of silly, fun bloodshed seems appropriate. The zombie makeup is simple, but effective and looks decent enough, I think. The dialogue is silly and over the top, with bad jokes and terrible performances all around. I can’t stress enough how amazing the Joe Franklin scene is where Jackie Martling tells him awful joke after awful joke, it is a minor masterpiece of so bad, it’s hilarious cinema. I had fun with the writing here, it is bad, but in a goofy way that has some charm. As for craziness, the baffling Martling/Franklin scene is the most unusual element here, the rest of Ghoul School tends to follow the usual indie horror guidelines for the most part.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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