Plot: Josie (Marguerite Moreau) is a divorced woman who operates a flower shop, a business she loves and has found much success with. She feels she can even expand her business and launch an online service, one that could revolutionize how people choose and purchase flowers. But while her finances are stable, she isn’t in a position where she can afford an expansion, let alone one of this magnitude. Soon however, she gets a visit from her ex-husband Michael (Jordan Belfi) and while she is unsure about what to expect, he is cordial and wants to talk business. He is now a CEO and looking for some business opportunities, so he reaches out to Josie and offers to be a silent partner, which could allow her to expand her flower empire. She hesitates because he is remarried, but he assures her that he is going through a divorce and not a pleasant one, so his wife is no concern. But when Michael is poisoned and strange things begin to happen around Josie, it becomes clear perhaps his divorce isn’t such a smooth one.

Entertainment Value: Ex-Wife Killer has a salacious title, but this is a good example of the classier, more restrained side of the Lifetime Movies thriller spectrum. There is still drama of course, with a nasty divorce at the center of the narrative, but this one keeps the melodrama reeled in and focus on more traditional suspense instead of over the top, wild twists and revelations. This is going to delight some, who prefer a more grounded, less outlandish movie, while others will miss the melodrama and colorful characters, but it is still a solid thriller. Marguerite Moreau provides a good lead effort, playing her role with a sincere approach and never going over the top, so by normal standards, this one of the better Lifetime lead performances. She brings a lot to the movie, setting the pace for the rest of the cast and lending Ex-Wife Killer some star power, as well as a capable dramatic actress. The story here is one we’ve seen before, but it is well told and has fresh elements mixed in. The pace is a little slower than most Lifetime thrillers, but it is never dull by any means, just more deliberate and the lack of wild melodrama means a less kinetic presence. But if you appreciate the softer, more refined type Lifetime thrillers, Ex-Wife Killer is just what you want.

No nakedness. This one has some light romantic elements, but steers clear of untoward sexual content. As I said before, Ex-Wife Killer keeps it classy and that includes how it handles the romantic potential involved. No blood. There is a sense of dread at times and some tension, but the violence happens off screen and that is even worked into the story, which is kind of cool. Since we don’t see the more violent moments, the movie uses that to keep us in the dark. So the movie does involve stalker themes and some violence, but none of the visceral stuff plays out on screen. The writing here reflects the more toned down melodrama, so while it is competent, it doesn’t have the wild, outlandish lines like some its peers. The same holds true for craziness, as the movie takes a more restrained approach and as such, yields little wildness overall.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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