Plot: Jamie (Kelcie Stranahan) is a good student who studies hard, gets good grades, and wants to go to college, but due to some family financial emergencies, her college fund is all but gone. The situation is a tough one, but now she focuses on scholarships to get her into school, so she needs to be at her best. She is also trying to balance a relationship with her boyfriend Danny (Cameron Deane Stewart), but his parents don’t approve of her social status and urge him to leave her. A new teacher soon arrives at school, a beautiful educator named Molly (Josie Davis), who isn’t your typical teacher and Danny catches her eye. She knows he struggles with his classwork, so she offers to help him out and keep him eligible for sports, with the intent to use that private time to make a move on her student. While Danny’s grades begin to rise, Jamie’s sink thanks to Molly trying to keep her busy and away from Danny after school. But will this relationship go too far and if so, can Jamie outwit the wily Molly?

Entertainment Value: This is a wild, high melodrama ride from Lifetime Movies, one that hits on all the elements you want from a movie like this. The tone is serious, but also layered in over the top drama, so even simple conversations often turn into melodrama of some kind. The narrative is a familiar one, with a teacher going after one of her students, but Dirty Teacher adds in some creepy background details and a fun gaslight thread to keep things fresh. I love how Jamie finds herself in this mist of guilt and her life falls apart, it is a fun element and adds a lot to the movie. The pace is super brisk and never feels slow in the least, so it hooks you in and doesn’t slow down until the end credits roll. Josie Davis is our Dirty Teacher and she is great in the role, seductive and unstable in the right doses. She has that special sense of menace the character needs, so she is a terrific Lifetime villain here. Kelcie Stranahan is pure melodrama, in an effort that is bad, but in all the right ways. She makes even basic exchanges seem dramatic and overly serious, then unravels as her life collapses. The rest of the cast is also solid, with a special mention of Jamie’s parents, who are typical Lifetime guardians and packed with melodrama. I had so much fun with Dirty Teacher and if you appreciate Lifetime style melodrama, you will as well.

No nakedness. This is a Lifetime movie, so there’s some light sleaze and all, but no real sexual content. The student/teacher affair is shown at times, but it is very tame and just establishes the intimate relationship involved. A little blood, not enough for a point on the scale, but there is an awesome roadkill incident. This is a nice punch of “wow” that really dials up the movie’s drama, so that scene was a wise inclusion. The dialogue is immense fun, with tons of drama, melodrama, and outlandish moments, just the kind of stuff a Lifetime thriller needs. This one has protective parents, judgmental social climbers, a clueless boyfriend, emotional fragile heroine, and of course, a bad ass, mind warped villainess. In other words, just about every conversation is packed with drama and emotional overload. On the craziness front, all the melodrama, over the top cast, unhinged psycho villain, and emotionally fragile heroine all combine to give us quite a wild, dramatic ride. This is top notch Lifetime.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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