Plot: Buck Matthews (Gary Busey) is a good man, he just wants to live in peace with his family and leave violence in his past. After all, he served in Vietnam and saw enough bloodshed to last him a lifetime. He has just been released from prison, after he was locked up for killing a man in self defense, so he hopes he can return home and begin a new chapter of his life. That seems unlikely however, as the same crooked lawman who sent him up the river is now his parole officer and seems displeased to have Buck back around town. Buck wants to keep a low profile, but it enrages him to watch a gang control his hometown and make the locals suffer. When he sees a young woman about to be raped by a group of bikers, he steps in to help her and for his troubles, he is targeted to be taught a severe lesson. The gang breaks into his house, hurts his daughter, and kills his wife, which pushes Buck over the edge. But even with some help from some fed up locals, can Buck stand up to an entire gang?

Entertainment Value: This is an 80s action movie in which Gary Busey teams up with Yaphet Kotto to unleash vigilante justice, using prop planes and of course, a special one of a kind custom pick-up truck. I don’t know what else you need, but Eye of the Tiger is a wild, fun b action movie. The narrative is a simple one, as Busey is a good man pushed too far and while he could just leave, he doesn’t think he should have to and he wants to stand up for himself and his town. There’s a good amount of action and a brisk pace, as well as some oddball touches and of course, tons of 80s vibes. Busey is fun as the lead and embraces the bad ass with a heart of gold role, while Yaphet Kotto is also terrific as Busey’s partner in anti-crime. The two have a good dynamic and are just a wild team, which adds a lot of fun here. Seymour Cassel offers a capable foil as the sleazy, crooked sheriff, while William Smith leads the biker gang and is a competent villain. So bad ass good guys against villains you want to see get their asses kicked, a good formula for this kind of street justice cinema. This is cheese of course, but it is also great fun and for fans of the genre, Busey, or the 80s, offers a wild ride. And of course, I have to mention that yes, Eye of the Tiger is on the soundtrack.

No nakedness. This one is short on romance, but delivers on the fronts of action and general bananas moments. No blood. This one has a good amount of action, but even during the various shootouts and dust ups, no bloodshed unfolds. But there’s a high volume of guns, fists, and of course, vehicular violence on showcase here. The movie has Busey’s custom battle pick-up truck, which is outlandish and spices up the finale, while all kinds of dirt bikes make appearances. The action is kind of silly to be honest, but it is always fun to watch. I found the dialogue to be ridiculous and hilarious, with tough guy talk, redneck banter, one liners, and corn pone wisdom all present. Not a lot of big, quotable lines per se, but a consistent flow of humorous and over the top dialogue, so good fun. On the craziness front, we have Busey’s one of a kind truck, a dirt bike home invasion, Busey slides a stick of dynamite up someone’s ass, a dirt bike funeral invasion, a relaxing cocaine facial, Kotto jamming out in a prop plane while dressed like a WWII ace, and the dirt bikers dig up Busey’s dead wife and deliver her casket and corpse to his front door. So some solid zaniness in this one.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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